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First Future

I’m going to broaden your horizon about the company which will solve your typical problems at work.

Yes, bros and sisters in job-hunting. I am referring to FIRST FUTURE PHILIPPINES.


Who wants to set their alarm clocks every day during wee hours just to avoid being late for work?

Do you want to experience the heavy buildup of vehicles on your way to work EVERY DAY?

Would you like to leave early and come home late on a daily basis?

Of course, no one wants!

And because no one wishes to feel the pressure five to seven days a week, what should one do? The answer? Read below.



Amazed? So am I!

Now let us learn how to catch this big fish called FIRST FUTURE PHILIPPINES.

First Future Philippines caters Chinese students with ages ranging from as early as seven years old to teens. And just like any other ESL Companies, First Future Philippines has its own set of standards too. But don’t worry for I am going to reveal the easy steps to get hired.


And now, who wants to double their salary without experiencing the hassles of going out for work?

Hello? We all do! And so…

First, let us know the Qualifications


  • College Graduate of any course/College Graduate/Undergraduate of any course/Working student
  • Excellent English Communication Skills
  • Trainable and Teachable
  • Patient and Passionate
  • Skype account/ID
  • A personal computer/laptop, microphone, and webcam all in good quality
  • Must have at least 3mbps speed of internet connection
  • A quiet and uncluttered room with good lighting
    * ESL/SAT/TOEIC/TOEFL/IELTS teaching experience is an edge.


See? Easy as 1-2-3 and A-B-C.

Next, let us learn the Work Schedule


Monday to Friday – 5 pm to 10 pm (at least 3 hours)

Saturday OR Sunday – 8am-8pm, 9am-9pm or 10am-10pm


Very practical schedule, right? And based on my sources, “unbooked” or “unreserved” classes are still paid. So there is no need for you to get worried if you will receive salary on pay day because you did not have many bookings during a cutoff. You still would as long as you open slots on the peak hours mentioned above. Easy money, I know.


Itching to Apply? Here’s how:



First future instruction

When you have already done the first part, you will receive a message on your email stating what to do next.


  1. When you have passed the test, you will receive another email informing the next step.

passing the english proficiency test

  1. Almost there! Completing your profile is next.


  1. You just have to complete the BIO-PACKAGE (You will receive an email about this once you have already passed the first few steps).
  2. Schedule for a Demo Lesson. Ace it to proceed to the final demo!
  3. And I think this is what we all look forward to — CONTRACT SIGNING.
  4. Yehey! You are already part of the growing company!

And hey, there’s more! They are also hiring office-based teaching positions for native English speakers and Filipinos, too. This company is perfect for native English speakers residing here in the Philippines. I have read comments from our native English speaker friends in some ESL groups asking if there are companies who will accept them. This company is the answer.

Here are the General Qualifications:


  • Preferably with a Bachelor or Associate Degree from a reputable college or university
  • Entry level applicant is also accepted.
  • Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
  • Above average computer skills


There are also Plus Factors:


  • Experience in teaching kids/K12 or BPO
  • Teaching certifications: TESOL/TEFL/CELTA/TKT
  • Overseas work or study experience
  • Chinese language skills
  • Management experience
  • Availability on weekends
  • BPO work experience


But if you have none of these plus factors, need not worry. Your application will still be reviewed as long as you meet the general qualifications.

So, what are you waiting for?

leading tomorrow

Be a FIRST FUTURE teacher now!


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  1. Wow! So amazing! I love the ESL program and the Philippines and traveling around the world and meeting other people who have an interest in learning new languages. I love meeting new people from other countries and learning their cultures, sampling their foods, touring their beautiful county. Thank you for this article, sharing education with the whole world in a well packaged and affordable method. -CEO Ben Arnold (AnaEzine)

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