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Transcription for Everyone: Enhance your Transcribing Skills

The internet will not run out of remote job ideas, particularly for those who want to pursue a promising career in the service industry through a work-at-home guide. If you love transcribing audio and video content, then you might want to try out Transcription For Everyone (TFE) to become one of their remote transcribers. Filipino professionals are most welcome to join this ever-growing organization.

Is Transcription For Everyone Legit?

Transcription For Everyone is an Israel-based transcription service business that builds a strong connection between global enterprises and world-class talents through a huge variety of professional transcription services. TFE recognizes the significant roles of transcribers and transcript proofreaders in this line of the industry by providing work flexibility and attractive reward systems.

Transcription For Everyone has developed a unique business model that enables work-at-home transcribers to work conveniently while helping them reach their full potential in this specialized field. TFE is on a constant hunt in searching for talented transcriptionists who would like to expand their career horizon in transcription and translation.

Apart from this, Transcription For Everyone also promises to provide candidates a regular stream of transcription jobs that would definitely spur up their interest. Self-motivated, experienced, and technically-skilled professionals are welcome to become part of the TFE team, even if you are currently located outside of Israel.

Transcription For Everyone Application Process

Transcription For Everyone Employs a systematic job matching process to bring out the best in you in terms of expertise, audio quality, and turnaround time. TFE provides specialized transcription jobs, including legal, medical, and corporate transcription, on a regular basis, whether in verbatim or non-verbatim style. Now, before you decide to join TFE, make sure to possess these job qualifications to be considered:

  • Ability to research highly technical terms and unique names
  • Basic computer skills, including web browsing, word processing, and email navigation
  • Proficient in using grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary of the English language
  • Ability to speak one or more languages, preferably with translating skills
  • Ability to work independently and open to feedback
  • Self-motivated to work long-term as a transcriptionist
  • No college degree or higher education required
  • Fast typing speed
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and grammar checker

Aside from the list above, applicants should already have the following equipment:

  • Computer equipment with an updated operating system and transcribing software
  • High-quality stereo headphones
  • Foot pedals (to speed up your transcription performance)
  • Stable internet connection (for job access and web browsing)
  • Quiet workspace at home
  • Communication devices and updated contact details

To begin the application process, send your recent work resume and a cover letter, indicating your intention and reasons why TFE should consider you for the team to Read the full job descriptions for every job opening to help you decide whether to pursue the application or not. Remember that all accepted candidates will start as an audio transcriptionist for TFE. After this, download the non-disclosure agreement and general transcriber form and then sign the documents before returning to the career page.

Once the signed documents are received, Transcription For Everyone will send you a standard transcription test, which you need to accomplish within 15 to 20 minutes. After submitting your output, wait for their email response, informing you of their decision whether they would hire you or reject your application.

Response time may vary due to the stringent job matching procedure of TFE before hiring anyone for the team. Just be sure to check your inbox as often as possible in order not to delay your application.

Work Process

Upon the approval of your application, you will be assigned an official job account where you can submit your completed transcripts. Based on the service agreement you have signed, Transcription For Everyone requires you to transcribe at least 30 audio minutes per week, though TFE is open for any negotiation. TFE will assign the projects according to the work schedule you have committed to them.

Everyone else on the team started their career with Transcription For Everyone as a regular transcriber, including team leaders and project managers. However, if you have proven your credibility, you can be promoted to other important work assignments, such as transcript proofreading, project management, and quality control. These managerial roles are clearly described in full detail on its official web page.

Salary Rates

Transcribers get $0.45 per page of transcribed words is contrary to per audio minute or per audio hour rates set by other companies, according to the TFE website. If you perform well and remain consistent, you can make an additional $0.10 per page. Project rates will vary according to the mode of order, audio difficulty level, and type of media content.

Weekly payment is sent out through direct bank transfer if you live in Israel, but if you live outside of the country, your payout will be sent via PayPal. You can earn higher than the starting rate if you ever get promoted or assigned to more complex projects, like medical, academic, and legal transcription.

Pros and Cons

Now that you have learned the basics about how Transcription For Everyone works, it’s time to learn the benefits of working for this organization. These may include:

  • Better employer and employee relationship through constant communication
  • Wide range of transcription projects, though you are allowed to focus on a single type of niche if you wish
  • Assures everyone of a regular flow of transcription jobs
  • Friendly co-workers, but criticisms can be harsh at times
  • Paid training before you can receive regular specialized transcription jobs
  • Regular supply of career resources and job tips while employed
  • Higher chance to get promoted if you really work hard

Let’s take a look at the other side of the coin. Disadvantages of working with TFE may include:

  • Pay is comparatively low since you need to fill up an entire page first just to earn $0.45.
  • Typical part-time job to earn some extra cash
  • Maintaining a good performance score is difficult.
  • Penalty will be imposed if you keep your account inactive for a long while.

Transcription For Everyone is proud to help people enhance their transcribing skills while earning a bit from home. Indeed, a career in transcription may open the windows of opportunities for you into a wide range of exciting fields where you can learn lots of incredible things.

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