Daily Transcription - You Say It - We Type It

Daily Transcription: You Say It – We Type It

An online transcription job is perfect for individuals with great typing skills and good listening ears who wish to convert their free time into extra cash while staying at home. And if you are searching for people who can pay for your unique skills, you might find that rare opportunity in making your time productive with Daily Transcription.

Is Daily Transcription a Legitimate Enterprise?

Yes, of course, because the company still exists and keeps growing each year. Established in 2005, Daily Transcription offers a broad range of comprehensive transcription services to various forms of industry, including academic institutions, law firms, corporate offices, and medical institutions. This versatile transcription company also offers specialized transcription services, such as foreign language translation, interpretation, research transcription, and closed captioning.

The regular clients of Daily Transcription want their source material, ranging from voice recordings to self-made videos to be transcribed and converted into written text in an accurate manner. So you may expect to handle different forms of transcription projects if you decide to work for Daily Transcription.

Daily Transcription is always searching for qualified transcriptionists to join their network. Transcriptionists who are well-versed with different foreign languages can also have the chance to earn better since Daily Transcription regularly assigns the job to transcribers in over 30 languages. This means that you can transcribe Chinese, Japanese, German, and French, among other audio sources, if you know how to speak them.

Daily Transcription Application Process

When you visit the official page of Daily Transcription, you need to click the specific position you want to pursue on the right side navigation bar. You are also encouraged to read the transcription style guide of Daily Transcription to know its work policies and other concerns before you proceed to the test. You will be expected to take an actual transcription exam along with a typing speed test and pass them accordingly.

After clicking the job position you want, you will be asked to fill up an online form and then upload a recently-made resume. Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to the skills assessment page to take a timed test. When you pass it, you will get an email link, redirecting you to the actual transcription test, which is composed of two-segment, three-minute audio test.

Daily Transcription may provide training materials, paid practical tests, and career tips to further enhance your transcription career while working for the company. Apart from the specific field of transcription, you have selected earlier, and you may also work on other types of jobs if you wish to. During work, expect to receive constructive criticisms from experienced transcribers each time you submit a completed transcript.

Daily Transcription only hires residents of the United States and Canada. Still, the company may accept applicants who are proficient in a second language meant for subtitling, document translation, interpretation, and captioning services. As a rule of thumb, specialized transcription projects, referring to legal or medical transcription, along with translation, may offer you higher compensation than general transcription jobs.

Daily Transcription warmly accepts beginners and experienced transcribers to the team. However, you should take note of the following requirements below to become qualified:

  • Ability to type at least 50 words per minute
  • Strong mastery of the English language, but if you know other languages then it will be better
  • Excellent listening and comprehensive skills
  • Effective enough to achieve 98-percent work accuracy
  • Basic research skills, goal-oriented and organized
  • Ability to meet project deadlines
  • Functioning computer with minimum hardware components
  • High-speed internet provider, foot pedals, stereo headset
  • Conducive workplace (private office space at home if possible)
  • No need to download or purchase any transcribing software from Daily Transcription

Work Process

As a transcriptionist for Daily Transcription, you should have a reliable computer with high-speed internet and installed Express Scribe software. You will be assigned a specific job based on the schedule you have submitted to the company. However, Daily Transcription may offer you some general transcription jobs on a rare occasion if necessary.

Daily Transcription will send you an email notification when there are available projects or when the audio files are ready for download. Once you log into your account, you will see the details of the project that often indicate the media content, due date, the field of industry, and the project rate. These valuable details may help you decide whether to pursue the assigned project or wait for another offer.

Each time you complete a transcription project, you need to update your calendar to reflect your work availability. Daily Transcription will evaluate your submitted transcript and then pay you for the services every week based on the number of approved transcripts. Interestingly, there are unique videos that you will need to transcribe, such as reality shows, celebrity interviews, product demos, and cooking shows.

Salary Rates

Regular transcribers for Daily Transcription, receive between $0.75 and $1.10 per audio minute, which seems better than the rate-per-word of other transcription providers, including TranscribeMe and Casting Words. Weekly payments are sent through PayPal and check deposits according to the total number of audio minutes transcribed during the previous week. However, you should expect payments to get delayed a bit as submitted transcripts may require two-three business days to get approved.

Transcribers are paid based on the project that they are tasked to accomplish rather than paying them by hourly mode. So the more you transcribe within your set work schedule, the higher the compensation you may receive from Daily Transcription. If you become one of their reliable transcribers, you may expect to earn between $250 and $1,000 each week, depending on workload.

Daily Transcription Pros and Cons

Daily Transcription isn’t far different from other transcription providers with regard to the amount of work and project rates. You may become busy transcribing audio files this week and get almost nothing the following week. So it is probably safe to say that working for Daily Transcription doesn’t guarantee a regular income that you may need to sustain a daily living.

Regardless though, there are still a lot of benefits when you work for this company as listed below:

  • Allows you to create flexible work arrangements according to your preferred schedule
  • Assignments are assigned based on your desired transcription field.
  • Transcription rates are higher than other market competitors.
  • Provides periodic training and career coaching
  • Provides room for career advancements, including promotion and performance bonuses

The disadvantages of working for them are as follows:

  • Expect to see high and low-peak work seasons within the year
  • Some transcribers think that the salary isn’t commensurate with the amount of effort.
  • Payment process takes time due to the long duration of transcript checking and approval.

If you are looking for ways to earn money while staying at home, working as a transcriptionist for Daily Transcription can become your viable option which you can check here on work from home guide HOWPO. Daily Transcription ensures that you can receive a good amount of audio records and video sources to work on, but it isn’t recommended to give up your regular work shift.

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