Versatel Marketing


Work from home opportunity from the company that achieved so much success and growth for the last years is now hiring international representatives for a US Health insurance campaign.


What we are Looking in Versatel Marketing?


Full time Telemarketing position ( only full time ).


Schedule is 10:00 am-7:00 pm EST Monday to Friday and alternating Saturdays 10:00 am-4:00 pm EST. Overtime may apply depending on the season but will be paid as well.



One day ( paid ) every Monday and Thursday

Job Description:


Outbound calls to qualify leads and transfer to agent.



Base Pay will be paid weekly. Commissions earned will be determined weekly and power hour bonus in most cases ( it depends ? )
( 2.50USD- 4USD/hr plus weekly commissions )

Method of payment :


PayPal or Upwork

Requirements You must Have


  • Have a reliable internet connection  (wired connection at least 2 to 3mbps for download and .75mbps for upload)
  • At least 1 year experience working in a BPO with solid sales experience or with the similar task.
  • Has a working computer ( desktop or laptop ) and a good working headset that has noise cancellation.
  • Money driven, determined and has the willingness to commit long term
  • Has a noise free working environment that is conducive for making calls at home
  • Dedicated to the job and knows how to value time since time for us is very important ( in all companies it is important )


Join us and be a part of this fantastic opportunity .. Growth and Stability, we have it in store for you but you need to work for it

REMINDERS: Please refer to the job post, If you have questions. For questions that may have not been answered on the post you can ask jheckie about it.


: if you cant devote time and not responsible enough to be an applicant, please do not apply, time is very important to us, let us not waste each others time

: we want to work with the best people and those who are dedicated enough, so if you can’t comply with the process, do not send me an email BUT if you are dedicated, experienced and hungry for success then you are the one we are looking for.






To check the quality of your voice, your communication skills, if you are fit for the job, working tools like computer and headset and to see how well you can follow instructions.




( PLEASE ADD ME ON SKYPE : ( jheckie_pacific ) and send me an email attached with your resume ( [email protected] ) . Once added, i will be sending you a short script that you will use for the recording. Make sure that you read it verbatim, stick to the script as instructed and make sure that you focus on these key factors:

RIGHT PACING, not too fast not too slow ” and most importantly,

Make sure to pronounce each words correctly that it will be well understood on the recording. If you pass this stage, you will get a Skype message from me and a schedule for the next process and that is :



Of course we need to know you more ( don’t worry i don’t ask questions that are irrelevant to the job ).

REMINDER: on the interview, you need to use your working computer and headset.


Simply because it is your main tool that you will use for the job so we need to check the quality of your voice and headset to avoid tech issues if ever you will get started. If you pass this stage which is not really nerve wracking i promise you 🙂  then the final step will be:

THIRD STEP ( FINAL INTERVIEW with the boss ) :


Same thing, for them to check your availability and working system.

NOTE: Make sure to use your computer and headset for the interview.

If you pass this stage then JOB OFFER is next together with your start date.

It’s that simple.




Please send me an email/ add me on Skype if interested and be a part of this fast growing company

Please put applicant and your full name on the subject field. Thank you
Email: [email protected]
Skype: jheckie_pacific ( please send me a message with the word APPLICANT and your full name )

Thank you and Goodluck!!

Credits to: Andy Pacific Cruz

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