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BAM Transcription: Los Angeles Based Transcription Company - HOWPO
BAM! Transcription

BAM Transcription: Los Angeles Based Transcription Company

Online transcription has become an alternative career option for Filipino professionals who want to supplement their monthly paycheck from a typical corporate office job or a full-time work-at-home career. BAM Transcription is one of those popular transcription providers that connect professional transcriptionists to global enterprises that require file conversion from an audio source to written text.

Is BAM Transcription a Legitimate Business Enterprise?

Serving clients for almost two decades, BAM Transcription is a Los Angeles-based transcription company specializing in entertainment and news media transcription services. However, BAM Transcription may also accept projects in line with medical, legal, academic and corporate industries.

BAM Transcription is constantly seeking for experienced transcribers to join, not only in the United States but also in other territories. Since the company has further expanded its transcription services to closed captioning and translation, you won’t find it difficult to search for the type of transcription job you love to handle here.

BAM Transcription is also regarded as an ideal place for individuals who want to jump start their transcription career, regardless of experience level as long as they pass the skills evaluation test. Once you pass their qualifying test, you will be considered as an independent contractor, not an in-house employee. This would mean paying your own tax obligations as an independent contract worker.

BAM Transcription Application Process

When you visit the official page of BAM Transcription, you won’t find any application form attached to it. Applicants are required to send them an email at to express their interest in any available jobs. When you receive a response, you will be asked to submit your personal details, preferred work schedule, and relevant career history as a transcriber.

BAM Transcription will redirect you to another page containing the job descriptions, style guidelines, and other instructions before allowing you to take the test. Your test will be graded according to accuracy, consistency, and document organization. Once your application has been approved, you will be assigned an account which you will use to access the work platform and job listing.

You don’t need to possess any college degree or certification to qualify. However, applicants with transcribing experience will be given higher priority than new transcribers during application. Seasoned transcribers may also be granted access to a job listing with better rates. Other important qualifications include the following:

  • Preferably U.S. resident with the ability to speak more than one language
  • Great research and organizational skills
  • High level of accuracy
  • Fast typing speed (not specified on site)
  • Translation skills, but not required
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Keen to details
  • Ability to submit transcripts on time
  • At least Windows 7 with moderate hardware specifications
  • Good-working stereo headphones and foot pedals (to expedite transcription work)
  • Installed transcribing tool and Microsoft Office Suite

Work Process

When receiving assignments, you won’t encounter the same media content as the prospective clients will always differ from time to time. Expect your skills to be evaluated first before you will be assigned a specific transcription project, though you deserve the right to accept or reject it.

Transcribers will work directly with different clients, offering more opportunities to individuals with various levels of experience and skills. Each project will display a brief description of the media content, pay rate, deadline, and length of the audio file to help you decide whether to take the project or offer it to another transcriber.

Completed transcripts will be submitted back to the platform, and you need to wait for at least 24 hours before you get any feedback. When you transcribe, make sure to double check the words you have keyed in because you might encounter some terms that are not familiar with. You will randomly need to spend time checking for the correct spelling, terms, and even event names over the internet.

The quality of every audio source you receive will not be the same at all times. This will involve careful listening and sorting out different speakers in order to understand the exact spoken words. Therefore, your ability to submit the transcript earlier than the deadline may impact your overall performance, thus affecting your weekly earnings in the process.

Salary Rates

According to former transcribers of BAM Transcription, the company pays differently for every audio minute amounting to $0.75 per minute on the average. However, you may increase your potential earning when you work on more difficult projects or longer audio sources. And you may even get paid for translating documents and producing captions or subtitles.

To access higher-paying jobs, you are required to maintain a good performance rating as mandated by BAM Transcription. This would mean submitting your completed transcripts with accuracy and consistency within a specific period of time before moving up.

BAM Transcription has no information with regard to career improvement or other possible job opportunities other than being a transcriber. However, the company may hire you to become a transcript proofreader or editor to ensure accuracy in all uploaded transcripts. Payment methods will be discussed upon the approval of your application.

Pros and Cons

As what HOWPO work from home guide gathered, when you work for BAM Transcription, you get the chance to transcribe different media contents related to entertainment, including celebrity interviews, self-made videos, movie trailers, studio meetings, and reality TV shows. You could end up transcribing a taped interview of your favorite celebrity or program host. Aside from that, you may also enjoy these benefits when transcribing audio files for this company:

  • Flexible media contents which may get you interested from general to legal sources
  • Flexible work arrangement as you have specified during application
  • Higher income potential for transcribers who can translate or interpret another foreign language
  • You may chance upon media contents or projects that pay well, such as rush orders, longer audio sources, and high-paying clients

On its downside, however, you might encounter the following work scenarios:

  • Feedback system is not clearly explained on the job platform or during the application process.
  • Apparent slow times or inconsistent workload due to competition with other transcribers
  • Not recommended as your primary transcription marketplace or sole income source
  • Lack of initiative from BAM Transcription to contact you regarding new projects

BAM Transcription can be a great stepping stone if you wish to pursue transcription as your part-time job, particularly if you are really interested in the entertainment sector. Moreover, multilingual transcribers can earn decent money by using their language skills and typing accuracy from this platform.

Aldrich Tan

Aldrich Tan is a duly registered Filipino architect and is currently working as a freelance writer focusing on content writing and blogging purposes.

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