Teacher's Confession- The Bibo Feels

{Teacher’s Confession} The Bibo Feels

ESL Companies differ from one thing to another. Some offer things others don’t, vice versa. And as they say, one always has something to say to the other when it comes to benefits, pros and cons, and experiences. And of course who can attest to it all? The TEACHERS!

BIBO Global Inc. is one of the most well-known ESL Companies in the Philippines. Perhaps this is one of the many reasons why I chose this company to be the second ESL Company I have always wanted to land a teaching position in. They just started a little or more than eight years ago, but they are one of the most well-established companies now. It is not hard to see why because they have teachers from all over the globe; plus, they cater students from thirteen different countries.

Student Biased

I tried my luck way back 2017, and luckily, I passed the interview down to the final demo. Their interviewers and their orientation staff were all accommodating and friendly. So were their Team and Operation Support when I was already starting to teach officially. But one thing I noticed was that they were all STUDENT-BIASED.

Bias in the sense that when teachers get negative comments or complaints on the teacher’s page, the Team Support asks for the Skype voice record of the lesson the teacher had with the student complainant. Well, of course, that’s a protocol and all, but even if there are no proofs of the complaint on the voice record, the teacher still ends up getting a low rating which affects class bookings (the higher your rating is, the more chances of getting booked for classes). That’s one thing I was disappointed about. Some teachers experienced the same fate too.

Booking Rate

As for the booking rate, it is undeniable that BIBO has a lot of students and the majority of the students are Japanese. As per the whole duration of my teaching career in the company, I just had one student who was European. The rest were Asians. Maybe because European students usually book classes during late nights and midnights, while I opened slots during early evening and early morn. It really depends, but most likely, you’ll get Asian students if you’re a starter. When I started, I opened ten slots on my first day. Five slots in the morning and five in the evening. They were fully-booked, fortunately.

You just have to make a pattern or schedule as to when you should open your slots because regularly opened slots have more chances of getting booked. Once the students book you, they will see your Teacher’s Profile more often so there’s a tendency that they will book your class again. And you might not know it, but you already got yourselves, regular students. Opening a lot of slots during weekends is a must-do, too.

Many newbie teachers experience a few bookings or no bookings at all when they begin their teaching journey. It is normal since you are still building your profile. Some students are too lazy to scroll down to see the profiles of the new teachers so when a student books you, give your best and soon enough, you’ll get more. I also experienced close to zero booking days especially on holidays since students are on vacay spending time with their families and friends. Periodical examinations in other countries are also sad days for teachers because it is usually a low-booking season.

It is not also that hard to be a teacher at BIBO because all their materials are organized, very easy to access and familiarize. You just have to be familiar with how to use each lesson material and how they should be conducted.

The Salary

Now, the salary. I started with a rate of 45 pesos per 25 minutes or 90 pesos per hour. Pretty low since I am in the province and they have a higher rate offer for teachers who are in the urban areas and teachers who conducted their orientation and demo in their satellite office in Manila (60 pesos per 25 minutes, 120 pesos per hour). But worry not because they have changed their rate for the rural teachers. It is 120 pesos per hour now. Hurray for the raise! They have incentives too, and every teacher has the chance to earn more on top of the compensation, and it’s already tax-free compared to the previous years’ 10% tax deduction. It’s not that bad after all as you can earn as much as you want depending on your determination and of course, considering your schedule too.

As What The “Millennials” Say

It is truly bibo in BIBO. You just have to put on your sugar-sweet smile every time you conduct your class and you will really find joy in teaching. But always remember that patience is one of the most important keys to last in the industry. I never had difficulties working for the company because they let teachers grow according to our own style and techniques of teaching while at the same time abiding by the company’s policies.

My journey was not a hundred percent smooth, but it was not rough and very tough either. As millennials say, that’s the BIBO feels.


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