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Break in the ESL Industry through BIBO - HOWPO

Break in the ESL Industry through BIBO


Finding the suitable online English school for you can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are so many choices to choose from. Certainly, it’s even more difficult for someone who has no experience in online teaching.

Most online schools that pay well require applicants to have at least six months teaching experience, but there are some that accept applicants who have no experiences yet or who are still underway in getting their college diploma.




BIBO GLOBAL OPPORTUNITY provides video online English lessons to second-language learners from all over the world. They first started catering to Japanese clients, but they have expanded their market to other countries.

What’s more unique about the company is that once you’re hired, you get to be advertised by a Japanese internet giant: DMM; you also get to have students from Turkey, Russia, Brazil, etc. through Engoo Online School.

What does that mean? Money!

If an online school has a large market, then that means you can get booked easily even you’re a new teacher who has no regular students yet.

Do YOU want in?

To qualify for the job, you must be/have the following:

At least 18 years old


Working Headset and Webcam

Proficient in English

Stable Wired Connection

A Quiet Environment

Tax Identification Number

Certificate of Proficiency in English*

BPI Savings Account**

*Not a Requirement, but would be certainly a PLUS

**Professional Fee/Salary is sent to your BPI Savings Account

If you’re all set, click APPLY to get started.





Go to their page by clicking the button below.



Provide what’s asked with accuracy.

Make sure you fill in the correct mobile number and e-mail address since the company will reach you through these channels.

 Personal Information






Your basic grammar skills will be assessed at this stage.

Do not forget to let your fun personality shine through your writing by painting vivid images through words.

How you answered the assessment question will serve as the screening test.

Click submit when you’re good to go.

You will be receiving a system-generated e-mail confirmation after you ticked the APPLY button at the bottom of the page.

Just wait for a few days to one week to get instructions for the next stage.




Interviews are done either over the phone or via Skype.

I’ve read other blogs that they had an interview over the phone.

However, in my sister’s case, a text message was sent informing her that she was set for a Skype Interview.


Text Message


My sister sent her application on a Saturday afternoon and received the text on the following day which was a Sunday.

One can say that BIBO is actively seeking for online English teachers that they still work on weekends. That’s good news for you since you get to process your application faster!

The representative from BIBO will give you the feedback/result of the interview right away.

It’s either a PASS or a FAIL.

Failing the interview doesn’t mean that doors are closed for you.

You may ask for suggestions on how to pass it the next time you apply.

You’ve read it right!

Just reapply in a few months.

Passing the interview means that you are ready for the training and demo lessons to prepare you in becoming a BIBO Teacher.

You’ll need a whiff of good luck and tons of hard work.


  • Speak clearly and confidently.
  • Use grammatically-correct sentences.
  • Sell yourself by highlighting your teaching experiences during the interview. If you have none, you can tell about your educational background and/or any work experience and how it can relate to teaching.





A congratulatory e-mail will be sent to you for passing the interview. It will also contain information on the following:

  • Training Schedule
  • Links to the lesson materials and training video to prepare you for the training
  • Other Requirements you need to prepare before getting activated as Teacher (e.g. BPI account, TIN)

Training is done over Skype for applicants who are far from their main and satellite offices in Manila, Cebu, and Davao; while it’s done in one of their offices if you’re located near them.


  • Read, study and learn the LESSON MATERIALS and TRAINING VIDEO sent to you before attending the training.
  • Familiarize the prescribed LESSON FLOW.
  • Since you will be conducting the demo lesson right after the training, practice going over the lesson material with a friend.




Applicants must always impress their employers by showing up on time.

When I say on time, it means 15-30 minutes before the scheduled time.

Since BIBO clients are Japanese, the company reiterates the importance of punctuality since the Japanese are very particular about it.

Call in late for even a minute, then expect that there would be no next time. Hence, while you’re still a fledgling, train yourself to be always on time.

Moreover, all of the things you must know about the company, the materials and rates are discussed during this stage.

Learn whatever and everything you can. 

The tips below are the things you must keep in mind while attending the training


  • Listen attentively to the orientation program.
  • Take note of the different lesson materials, i.e. how to go over the materials, which materials are for the teachers and which ones are for the students, etc.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions/clarifications.




After the orientation/training sessions, applicants will be asked to a conduct lesson demo.

In the real setting, students either opt for a free talk or for a lesson, but teachers are asked to conduct a lesson during the demo to check if you’re familiar with the prescribed lesson flow.

The demo lesson will make or break it for you. Remember the tips below to pass it with flying colors.


  • Maximize the chat box. Use it for corrections and new vocabularies.
  • Avoid “dead air”
  • Use a variety of words for transition, i.e. going to the next page/activity, acknowledging correct answers and probing.
  • Assess the English level of students and use appropriate speed/words according to their level.
  • When correcting your student, avoid using negative sentences.
  • Smile as you deliver your demo.
  • Manage your time well.





Getting through the final demo means that your inches away from becoming a fully-fledged BIBO Teacher.

Now, representatives from the company will check if you have all the necessary equipment to teach online in the comfort of your home.

To qualify, you must have the following:


system check


In addition, you will have more training where you will be learning all other TEACHING MATERIALS at BIBO. This part would come as a challenge because BIBO has a lot of materials.

You can explore their website to see their mass of lesson materials available for viewing.




  • Learn HOW to teach the lesson materials by exploring their MATERIAL PAGE.
  • Watch their training videos on how to conduct them because students will file complaints if you do not know how to go about the lesson.





Are you itching to start teaching?

You should be! Finally, you are a BIBO Teacher. But of course, you can’t teach if you don’t have a profile which the students would use as a basis to book you.

The information below is displayed to your profile; hence, make it as truthful and relatable to attract more students.

Online Activation

Aside from the information above, you have to record a video where you can sell your teaching skills and your fun personality.

Look at the video introduction of other teachers in here: EIKAIWA LIST.

You may use them as a guide to make yours UNIQUE!

The tips below are the things you must remember to have a good introduction video.


  • Let your bright, fun personality shine through the screen because students assess your potential as their teacher through the video introduction
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Smile while you deliver your introduction.
  • Use hand gestures sparingly.
  • Highlight your hobbies, educational background, and work experiences.





Of all the online schools I know, BIBO has one of the most flexible schedules for teachers. You can OPEN and CLOSE slots a day before or even 30-minutes before your earliest opened slots.

Before you can teach, you must get ACTIVATED. So, complete your requirements and video as soon as possible to be able to teach online and earn fast!

Moreover, the company does not require you to open a specific number of hours in a week. 




Teachers who were hired when the company just started had a rate 65php/hour regardless of your place of residence. However, as the company grew, it offered lower rates to new teachers like other online ESL schools due to increasing competition in Japan.

Nowadays, new teachers in BIBO are offering a variety of rates depending on location, but in general, they are offered 90php/hour.

Salary is given on the 15th and 30th to your BPI Savings Account.

If you don’t have one, apply for one. It’s not THAT difficult to get one. 

They also withhold a 10% income tax so make sure to provide your Tax Identification Number so they can remit your taxes right; although, you have to file your quarterly and yearly income taxes on your own at your local RDO.

They have raffles, too!


BIBO motivates its teachers to open more slots during peak hours and weekend by raffle promos. You may earn CASH PRIZES if you qualify for their conditions to join the raffle.

So, try to be updated with the latest promos by reading the message board regularly. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to earn extra!

They are OPEN 24-HOURS!


What’s unique about BIBO Global Opportunity is that teachers, even the new ones, can open slots anytime. When I mean “anytime”, anytime at any given time of the day.

The target market of the company is not just Japanese, but also second-language learners from all over the world.

You can get students from different time zones and from different cultures.

It’s perfect for teachers who live the normal schedule and/or teachers who are active at night.

Indeed, BIBO Global Opportunity is the perfect opportunity for all kinds of individuals aspiring to earn and work at home at any time of the day!

What are you waiting for?




Mari Lapuz

By heart and by profession, Mari is a teacher.
Her go-getter attitude has brought her to the world of writing about ESL companies, investments and anything under the sun.

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