Interserver: Reliable and Affordable ($0.01) Hosting

Every Filipino who engages through online whether sharing your content, making money and whatever reason you have such as dreams of having or creating your own website.

Who doesn’t right?

Since you’re done deciding what your niche is and created a domain, the next thing is finding a good web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

For the benefit of those who are just learning, web hosting is a service that allows companies, individual or person such as yourself post a website or blog and be shown on the internet.

Is Hosting Really Necessary or Needed?

Yes, how will your website or blog be visible on the net if you don’t have hosting, right?

So the next step is what hosting company should you choose?

Why Choose Interserver as your Hosting Provider?

Interserver has been around since 1999 and started as a reseller of hosting accounts. Over the past 18 years, they have really improved a lot with already two data centers, one in NJ and LA.

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Guide to choosing a web hosting and why choose Interserver.

1) Reason

The first thing you should ask yourself is how you are going to use the site?

Is it for making money?

Just want to try it out and have fun exploring?

If you’re trying it out just to have fun or experience, then I suggest trying free hosting.  

Free hosting usually has ads shown but it’s okay if you’re just exploring.

If you’re planning to make money out of it then you should consider getting a paid hosting.

Most Filipinos who have websites or blogs commonly chose paid standard shared hosting.

It’s cheap and has the option to pay for it monthly or annually.

It’s a good choice to start since you’re still discovering and does not have a lot of traffic at first.

Interserver provides Standard shared web hosting which is the most recommended. It has unlimited:

Standard web hosting

  • Storage
  • Website
  • Transfer
  • Email
  • SSL certificate


2) Price

Price is the first factor for Filipinos when deciding which hosting package to purchase.

Every hosting company varies in price depending on the package. Interserver’s Standard shared hosting cost’s $5 a month and if you apply the code above then you can purchase it at a price of $0.01. 

Additional services are included already like creating an email address to make your website more professional looking like “[email protected](DOT)COM”.

If your site is an e-commerce site then you should have a secure website “https:” which they offer for free.

Interserver’s Guarantee

-A price lock guarantees a lifetime on your account so that the price of the annual rate will still remain the same when you renew.

-A 30-day money back guaranteed with no questions asked when you’re unhappy about it.

Money back guarantee

3) Excellent Hosting Performance

Many hosting sites provide uptime of 99.9% and Interserver is one of them.

My experience with them is they manage my site to keep it up 100% and have a response time of above average.

Some hosting company load their servers to a maximum which encounter problems later on while Interserver loads only half of it just in case there’s a need for more resources, you still have another 50% to use.

They have different types of hosting depending on the needs of your site.

Whether VPS Hosting, Cloud hosting, and a dedicated hosting.

For a small and medium size of the website, you can start on standard shared hosting.

If you got more traffic and data files than a dedicated hosting is best. You can configure your own dedicated hosting as shown in the image below.

Try to configure your own dedicated hosting as shown in the image below.

Customize server

You can choose the amount of primary hard drive, how many cores, additional secondary hard drive if you need, bandwidth, IP options, and choose what Operating system to use that you’re most familiar with.

4) Customer Service

There are times when you will experience issues on hosting no matter how good you are.

Either you did something wrong like changes or if you’re into using WordPress, you will experience issues especially with the plugins you have installed.

A good customer service is needed at times like these and as my experience on Interserver when I was still a newbie they are there to help you right away and fix the issues relating to hosting.

5) Hosting Features

Softaculous apps

There is already +381 apps present on Interserver which other hosting company does not have. This is important for easy installation of apps, updates, and .htaccess access.

These are your Softaculous, Quick installer, Simple scripts and more.

An easy to use cPanel

6) Prestige

The reputation of a hosting company is important.

They should have testimonials and reviews of customer satisfaction to show.

You can check other forums and feedbacks with other people.

An excellent hosting  Uptime percentage the better.

You can check out their reviews and testimonials here: What People are saying about Interserver

7) Backup

In times you face issues, it’s good to always have a backup which is part of their lowest hosting package of $5.

In some hosting companies, backup is an additional feature which you need to purchase.

As you can see the image below, Interserver has already a free backup on the lowest package.

free back up


I have been satisfied so far in my 2 years of using Interserver’s hosting.

If I have issues their customer support is very helpful.

So if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable with hosting uptime of 99% then I recommend Interserver.

Don’t forget to use the Promo code: HOWPO2020 to get a huge discount.

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