How to Succeed in Social Media Marketing

Are you a small business owner?

A re-seller perhaps?

Want to show your great content?

This can be made possible through social media marketing. Social media carries a significant weight nowadays since most of the people are immersed on something that catches their interest.


What is Social Media Marketing?

is where you can achieve or earn traffic, and awareness whether your selling, or sharing your knowledge through content on either one or more social media platforms. Many marketers believe Social media marketing plays an important factor when it comes to SEO.


How to Get Started?


It’s always important to know your objective and have a managing system to keep you on track.

1) Know your Objectives


  • Why do you want to engage and participate in social media?
  • Do you offer services?
  • Have more direct sales?

Answers to your questions will greatly influence what you are going to post and recreations you participate in social media sites.


2) Who does the Job?


Are you the one who is going to create the content? How about maintaining your social media account? responding to queries? Can you manage all of it? If you’re just starting, It’s a good idea also to personally be involved at first to know how your customers think, and their interest.  It’s not a bad idea also that someone would manage your social accounts to relieve you of the stress and give you more time to do other important things.


3) Know your Spectators


Does your spectators spend time in Fb groups? How about other social media sites? what content does your spectators want? When it comes to searching for audience, it’s not important how many but what’s important, is people who can connect and interact.


4) High Quality Content


If you know what your audience want, it’s time to feed them high quality content. Once you get your readers hooked, they will look forward what you are going give them next. The more you deliver great content the more it will be shared.


5) Good vs Bad Comments


It’s always nice to see good comments coming from your audience but there are times you get negative ones. Even if you get negative ones it will pave a way for improvement on your part and Hey..! it’s nice to see your readers or audience have a strong attachment to your content or business. In social media sites it’s better to have pessimism rather than nothing at all.


6) Build Relationship


If a person reaches out, don’t ignore them. Give them recognition, this is part of social media marketing’s success.


7) Never Stop Learning


It’s always nice to see other peoples posts or content to learn. You can get insight why it didn’t work or why it was a success.


What not to Do in Social Media Marketing

1) Spamming links


As you can see on Facebook right now, a lot of people are looking for ways to earn online. When someone post like the image shown below.

Not effective

This is not a good method.


Spamming your links and hoping someone will click and join is a bad idea. You’re just wasting your time and effort.

Social media marketing is not just about posting your links anywhere. You need to know your audience and what group you are posting.

Posting your links to a related niche or group is much more effective method.


2) Posting the same thing


If you want to promote a content don’t post the same thing like what you posted yesterday or few days ago. What i meant about this is it’s okay to post the same content to your viewers but if you’re going to post it again make sure the image you posted, headline and description on Social media sites should be different.

Don’t copy what others made also. You can see this everyday on those networking post like S2S, PPM, Onpal and more. It’s not that I’m not recommending those MLM but the manner of promoting is sometimes wrong.

Be creative and be original.


3) Don’t post False Information or be Fooled


Do you wonder why some people post they earned a lot of money?

It’s just to get referrals. 

Although this is an effective strategy which a lot of people would envy but some of those who post they earned a lot are not actually true.

How did they do it?

It’s simple

Just open your account let’s say any networking site mentioned above. Since I’m not a member on those account let’s try since some people post they earned lots of BTC on HYIP sites.

fake proof

fake post 2

To give you an idea, what they did is just highlight the amount, right click and choose inspect element. Right click the highlighted html code and choose “Edit Html” change the amount. Screenshot the fake amount and post at social media sites.

Although this can be tricky since it may really be true that they earned that amount from referrals or probably not.

The reason why you must not do this because it will ruin your credibility. That’s why some people who posted it have fake accounts or they just post their real account for credibility.


4) Don’t limit to Facebook and Twitter


Posting at different social media sites can boost your traffic and attain more audience interested on your content or product. Know where your readers or audience hangout and show it to them. You will gain followers this way that comes again instead of people just look at it once then gone after.


5) Don’t Start Social Media Marketing with out a Plan or Strategy


If you just started in Social media sites always make a plan and have a strategy. Make a High quality content and find groups of people who are interested in your content or product. Share it to other social media sites and observe the data you gathered to improvise.




Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

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