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Pactera: Earn from Transcribing Audio and Video Sources - HOWPO
Pactera Remote transcription

Pactera: Earn from Transcribing Audio and Video Sources

If you are searching for a good company that lets you earn from transcribing audio and video sources, you might want to consider Pactera as one of your employer options. Pactera, a Washington-based digital enterprise, allows you to explore your career and specific areas of interest. Everyone is welcome to join as the company openly accepts work-at-home professionals from almost everywhere.

Is Pactera a Legitimate Company?

Pactera, with its main headquarters in Redmond, Washington, offers a vast range of career opportunities to anyone interested to work with global enterprises. If you are a huge fan of technology trends, pop culture, entertainment, and eCommerce-related industries, you might enjoy working for Pactera as one of their partner transcribers.

Pactera is on a constant lookout for professionals with superb listening skills and fast typing speed to work on various degrees of transcription projects. Remote career opportunities are offered to qualified professionals with relevant experience in consulting, creative designing, data entry, translation, and of course, transcription. All job positions provide flexibility with regard to relevant skills, the field of expertise, and the preferred work schedule.

As a transcriptionist, you are expected to handle a huge variety of transcription projects, which typically include legal documents, medical records, academic lectures, court proceedings, research, corporate interviews, conference meetings, and marketing videos, among others. Performing transcribers will also have the chance to improve their career path with job positions related to transcription, including closed-captioning, transcript reviewer, lead transcriptionist, document editor, and web content writer.

Pactera Application Process

The application process of Pactera seems straightforward. Upon reaching the site, select your native language and country of residence, and then you will see all the available job positions which are currently offered. If the job position you wish to pursue is not currently available, you can choose another position or wait for its availability on a later date.

Select the job opening you wish to apply to view the exact description and other pertinent details. Once you decide to send an application, click the “Apply” button to proceed. Complete the user profile by filling up the blank portions with necessary details, such as work history, a brief description of the previous job, and preferred work schedule before submitting it back to the platform.

After that, you will be asked to take the qualifying test to help Pactera evaluate your skills that are required for the position. You may need at least 30 minutes to complete the audio test. If you pass the test, Pactera will contact you to continue with the application process. You are also required to have a stable internet connection in order to submit your finished transcript.

Be reminded of the necessary qualifications as listed before you can join Pactera as a transcriber:

  • Legal age with native-speaking skills or at least a valid resident in the target country for 20 years
  • Ability to follow instructions and client requirements
  • High-speed internet connection to access the Pactera platform
  • Average typing speed of at least 40 words per minute
  • Good translating skills (for non-English projects)
  • Excellent internet research skills because you might need to check the terms and spelling for accuracy
  • Ability to submit the transcript on time
  • Laptop with Windows 8 operating system or higher
  • Installed transcribing software, though Pactera has its own built-in software from the platform
  • Stereo headphones and foot pedals if you are serious enough to stay long with transcription

There are no subscription fees or joining fees when you apply at Pactera as transcribers are paid for the work they have submitted.

Work Process

Once your application has been approved, you will be asked to read the Styling Guidelines and follow certain rules, including the use of markers or tags to identify specific speakers and sounds. All successful candidates will undergo a week-long training course to be concluded with a test at the end.

Each time you log into your account, browse for all available projects on the listing. The job platform lets you listen to every file to see whether you can handle the audio quality and set of guidelines written inside. Once you decide to take the job, just click the accept button and then start transcribing using the built-in software.

Upload the completed transcript once you are done transcribing and then wait for a few days. Revise the transcript once you receive the feedback notes and upload it back to the platform for re-approval.

Pactera also requires transcribers to work at least 10 hours per week, but you can work longer than the set working hours if you wish to earn more. At the same time, the job platform keeps track of the time you spend working on every file, helping Pactera monitor your performance and working speed more efficiently. Aside from logging into your account, you may also check your email for new projects and important announcements.

Salary Rates

Transcriptionists get paid either per audio hour or per project depending on the complexity and turnaround requirement. But Pactera will disclose the individual rates for each project during the application process. No salary information has been disclosed from its official website so far.

Transcriptionists are also paid on a monthly basis through bank transfer or payment gateways. Your monthly salary is based on the data gathered by the platform, including invoices, the number of approved transcripts, and daily work reports.

You can receive additional pay if you can maintain a desirable performance rating within a specific period of time. Translators can also receive some extra pay for converting documents from one language to different languages. Pactera may hire you as a lead transcriptionist or a transcript editor once you have proven your consistency and reliability over time.

Pros and Cons

Pactera is working hard to maintain a culture of team performance and collaboration among transcribers and editors. If you pursue your transcription career with Pactera, here’s what you can expect while employed:

  • The job listing is updated on a daily basis, bringing new opportunities for the transcribers.
  • Work flexibility that matches your skills and time availability
  • Initial skills training will be provided after passing the qualifying test.
  • Higher-income potential when you perform rush orders and complex projects
  • Rates seem above the industry standard.
  • Great management support from mentors and seasoned transcribers in the team

Now, working for Pactera has its own downside. These include:

  • You may possibly not be allowed to proceed if you fail the test during the training period.
  • Workload can be inconsistent, particularly during weekends and public holidays.
  • Longer waiting period for new projects
  • Longer waiting period in receiving a salary

Transcribing for Pactera may open more career opportunities for you if you ever decide to pursue an exciting online job in the near future. You could end up working as a content writer, a data entry specialist, or a specialized virtual assistant, potential jobs that you can develop out of transcription.

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Aldrich Tan is a duly registered Filipino architect and is currently working as a freelance writer focusing on content writing and blogging purposes.

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