Time Tracking Software Used By Filipino Freelancer/VA

15 Time Tracking Software Used by Filipino Freelancers/VA

Running your own digital business or managing a professional pool of VAs often means you have to know how work time is being consumed on a daily basis. Even if you have been using productivity tools to manage your workload, you still need a reliable time tracking software to know what’s actually happening during the entire week.

Best Time Tracking Software for Filipino Freelancers/VA’s

Whether you’re working as an entrepreneur or a project manager, time tracking software can help you monitor the time you spend on a specific task. This management tool is ideal for business professionals who want to track down personal productivity or utilize its advanced features, such as invoicing capability, data exporting, and software integration. There are lots of time tracking tools flooding the market, but here are 15 of them, which you may consider and see if they would become beneficial in improving your overall work productivity. Let’s begin with the five best apps first.


Toggl is a versatile time tracking tool offering greater freedom on how you want to organize your projects and remote workers conveniently. This offers several time-saving solutions that allow you to assign project tasks to workers track down project status and create new project/client profiling from your dashboard. What’s more, Toggl is developed in various platforms, including web interface, desktop app and mobile app, so you can monitor everything right at your fingertips. All app versions let you monitor specific work operations and send out reminders to employees without requiring you to jump into another app.

Toggl is offered to interested users for free, though software features and flexibility are limited. Individual paid subscriptions, however, start at $9.00 per user every month, usually billed to subscribers every year. But if you’re handling a team of remote workers, you may opt to get the business plan starting from $49.00 per head per month. Overall, you get accurate time tracking, detailed invoicing capability, and diverse project management integration with this app.


Convenient project/client tagging and project creation from the dashboard

Provides functional features to help you create better work reports for clients

Over 100 integrations to different project management tools, payment platforms, cloud storage apps, and more.


No invoicing features, but Toggl can be fully integrated into third party tools

Random system crash when you’re only using limited hardware resources


Time Doctor is an intuitive employee-tracking tool suitable for service-oriented enterprises or freelancers who handle several remote teams and projects. You can make detailed reports containing project accomplishments, attendance, and wastage time to help you evaluate work proficiency. It provides you an option to take screenshots for better work accuracy and more control of your remote team. With this flexible tool, you can view the actual app usage and visited websites to know what’s keeping your team members busy for the say.

Time Doctor also allows you to calculate your payroll more easily according to the fixed hourly rate of your employees. Once done, just pay your workers directly using various payment platforms including PayPal, Dwolla, Payoneer, and WePay among others. Time Doctor is offered free for a limited time, however, you may opt to utilize its complete features by paying $9.99 per month for every user.


Allows manual and automatic time tracking

Easy integration with payment platforms and project management tools

A highly intuitive web interface


Time editing from the desktop app is not allowed. You will be required to visit the website to do this.

Frequent display of work reminder which may cause annoyance to the employee or disturbance during work

Not recommended for tracking clients


Harvest is an all-round time tracking software loaded with add-on features including but not limited to expense tracking, project invoicing, and billable hours. It gives you the option to convert billable hours into invoices, thus reducing the number of accounting works in the process.

Harvest is free for time tracking needs; however, a paid subscription is available if you want to utilize its invoicing features. Its free subscription allows users to create two projects. Paid version starts at $12.00 per user every month and subscribers may get more savings if they choose from its enterprise plans.

Harvest can become your great option if you’re just started managing your invoices and client databases. This functional time tracking platform can be integrated into various platforms, such as Slack, Trello, Basecamp, Asana, Github and more.


Features built-in support for accounting

Over 100 integrations that include customer support, CRM, project management and invoicing

Fully accessible with web apps, browser extensions, desktop apps, and mobile versions

Allows for a screenshot, receipt scanning, and expense recording


Interface is not as intuitive as other apps

More page reloading might be required when creating new projects

Subscription cost seems higher than other options


Hubstaff is best suitable for remote teams, entrepreneurs, and managers due to its diversified range of time-tracking features. It allows time-conscious entrepreneurs to track down working time, organize work calendar, invoicing and website tracking to make sure employees remain focused. Hubstaff also lets you take random screenshots of your workers’ PCs to help you evaluate their performance more accurately. Using Hubstaff as your time-tracking software may benefit your business a lot particularly if you’re planning to hire more virtual employees and independent contractors soon.

Hubstaff offers free subscription for one user account. However, if you wish to maximize its benefits, get a paid subscription for only $5.00 per user or $10 per user/month for group packages. You can access Hubstaff either through its web app or mobile app versions, as well as browser extensions and other operating systems like Chromebooks. One more thing, if you have employees working with your projects, you can pay them directly using various payment platforms as third-party integration.


Offers additional features such as invoicing, billable hours, project tracking and accomplishment reports

User-friendly interface, though not as easy to use as others

Allows tracking of internet usage

Allows three random screenshots within a 10-minute span

Monitor mouse movements on screen as well as page clicks

Easy creation of projects including employee designation and project briefing

Supports manual and automatic time tracking


Random inconsistencies on time tracking

Random difficulties during page reloading (depending on the amount of data)


Ximble is a cloud-based time management tool designed to track down project status and performance from virtual employees. It offers easy-to-make staff scheduling process, which enables managers to create effective rotation of project tasks among employees to achieve faster turnaround. Using Ximble allows you to save more precious time so that you can focus on other aspects of business operations.

Interestingly, Ximble ensures secured employee timesheet data by incorporating various methods by which employees are required to clock in and out using “PIN codes” in order to prevent time theft. The software makes it easy to track the time taken to complete certain activities during the day, offering project managers a clear insight into the overall business productivity. Aside from this, Ximble features a built-in pay rate calculator that makes invoicing and billing problems easy to resolve regardless of project complexity and company size.


Complete employee time management system

Helps companies automate their workforce operations while enhancing productivity

Powerful pay rate calculator

Highly secured time tracking system that can prevent “buddy punching” among employees

Offers special features such as task scheduling, intuitive project creation, and on-time project tracking

Over 100 integrations for better work productivity

Accessible from any communication device

Low pricing plan starting at $1.00 per user per month


The interface is not as intuitive as other software

Read on as the list goes on.


Hours seem to be the ideal time tracking tool for individuals who just want an intuitive tracking interface but equipped with useful features. With its simple design, users can set up the start/stop timer easily while allowing them to encode actual time manually as needed. This feature enables users to track down any offline event or in cases when they forgot to start the timer.

Its work report interface is also designed intuitive along with several filter options to help you drill down your custom report as you wish. However, Hours are only available via iOS version and website app. Hours have a limited free subscription plan, but you can get the full web-based paid version for $8.00 per user/month.


Accessible timeline function that allows users to fill in gaps when needed

Beautiful interface with no sophisticated graphics

Project creation is easy, though it makes take some time to finish one


No screenshot option

No advanced functionalities like invoicing capability and expense tracking


RescueTime is an easy-to-use time tracker tool that tracks the websites you’re frequently visiting. It features accurate time recording that shows how much time you have already spent over a single website.

RescueTime has the capacity to determine whether the visited website seems beneficial or unnecessary for your overall productivity. You can make screenshots, track actual time, and monitor all websites, ensuring work proficiency among users under your supervision. Besides, RescueTime offers free subscription, but paid version is also available for just $9.00 per user if you want more features.


Easy to learn interface

Filters websites you’re frequently visiting (flags down sites that may seem “unproductive” for your task

Enables you to block the sites you don’t want to visit


Works like a general time tracker which may not seem suitable for specific projects Limited software integration


Tick is a flexible time-tracking software recommended for larger teams and employers who prefer “less restricted” when it comes to working privacy among employees. What makes Tick more unique than other time trackers is its pricing plan where subscribers are not charged based on number of users, but per project Instead. Each project subscription, which is based on price bracketing, has no restriction in terms of user numbers, which allows businesses to generate more savings in the long run.

The interface is designed intuitive, which allows users to organize project details and work assignments through either manual or real time data encoding. This feature enables you to view your tracking clearly and make accurate reports on project status, work performance, and billing.


Unique billing structure, suitable for larger projects or teams

Full integration with project management tools, CRM, payment platforms and developer tools

Unlimited number of users per project subscription, including free plan


Needs time to learn the interface properly

Tasks creation is time consuming

Pricing schedule

One project for the free plan

$19.00 per month for 10 projects or less

$49 per month for 30 projects

$79.00 per month for 60 projects $149.00 per month for unlimited number of projects (suitable for large-scale enterprises)


Due.com is a freshly-released time tracking tool that offers an effective invoicing system aside from its time-tracking feature. The user interface isn’t that intuitive, but the entire software possesses similar features as other brands. To get started, you need to create a project and assign some tasks and employees before starting the timer.

The invoicing system of Due.com seems quite good. What you can see from the dashboard is the outstanding balance amount, tasks completed, and remaining tasks from each project.


Provides basic functionalities, such as invoicing, custom reporting, and project creation

Manual and automatic time tracking

Flexible subscription plans


Not user-friendly interface

No mobile app version, but there’s an Apple Watch app available

Limited integration


Timely is another interesting time tracking software developed for individuals and team professionals who prefer automatic time tracking than manual editing. Timely can record all business activities within the day and categorize them based on your project scope. Once done, Timely will suggest specific tags which you can manually edit or ignore if you wish. This feature enables you to view your tracking clearly to help you make precise custom reports at every completed project phase.

Timely features a built-in team dashboard that would help you see a clearer insight into the productivity level of your remote team. The automatic time tracking feature of Timely seems beneficial for individuals who are handling different tasks. This would tell you what your people have been doing or what websites your staff has been visiting. With this tool, you may access various business tools, such as Office 365, Asana, Google Calendar, Gmail, Trello, Wunderlist and more.


Features automatic time tracking process which helps save more time

Offers a unique dashboard that lets you control billable hours or break down tasks more systematically

User-friendly interface, though you will need time to get used to it


No free subscription. Paid subscription starts at $7.00 per month for every user and $20.00 per user for every team. For bigger projects, you can choose the 15-user paid subscription for only $169.00 per month. Automatic time tracking may not be suitable for workers who only perform a specific task


Freshbook offers reliable time-tracking capability, though some consider this as an accounting software tool equipped with invoicing features. Freshbook features are almost close to Toggl and Harvest with regard to timer setting and work recording. In fact, it shows a Google Chrome timer that lets you set the timer without requiring you to navigate its web interface.

Its reporting capability seems sharp, providing you a clear insight into what everyone’s doing or what websites have been visited in one timesheet. Since Freshbook has a built-in invoicing system, it becomes easier for you to bill clients for every completed task. The time tracking software can also be integrated with Zendesk, Asana, Bidsketch, Basecamp, Zapier, Trello, Insightly, Slack, Shopify, and Salesforce among others.


A clear visual timeline of every project, employee output, and task rotation

Manual and automatic time tracking

Diverse invoicing features for faster project billing

Full integration to third-party software (customer support, CRM, project management, invoicing and others)


No free subscription. Paid subscription starts at $15.00 per user every month. A business plan is also available if you’re handling a pool of remote professionals.

No desktop app, only available in web and mobile apps

12. ZOHO

Zoho delivers numerous time-tracking solutions similar to the features of Toggl, Hubstaff, and Harvest. It includes timesheet app for remote workers, invoicing, and reporting for billing purposes.

You can choose between Zoho People and Zoho Project, depending on your budget preference and project complexity. Each option provides flexible terms which you may customize in order to manage employees and projects effectively without overspending. Zoho Project subscription starts at $150 per team, while paid subscription for Zoho People is offered at $0.83 per user every month.


Two subscription options to suit any project need

Offers time tracking capabilities, project monitoring and invoicing system

Intuitive project creation and communication among team members from its dashboard


Individual project subscription seems relatively more expensive

Limited integration


If you’re looking for a time-tracking tool and invoicing feature in one platform, Quickbooks can become a good-fitting choice. Quickbook features the TSheet, a built-in timesheet data app, designed to help you manage employee attendance and workflow more conveniently. TSheet provides assistance to all payroll and invoicing-related tasks so that you won’t think about salary calculations over and over. This employee-tracking software also offers basic project management tools to help keep your business operations on track.


Manual and automatic time tracking for remote teams and multiple projects

Intuitive dashboard where you can create projects, assign tasks and communicate with clients/employees

Full integration with BPO tools, time management, CRM and more


A base fee of $20 is required before you can get the regular paid subscription rate. Paid version starts at $5.00 per month for every user.


Clockify is an intuitive time tracking tool suitable for team projects, and you can get this for free. It offers basic timekeeping features that include a start/stop timer and an easy-to-navigate data timesheet. This user-friendly tool has the capacity to mark billable hours and non-billable hours, making payroll-related tasks easier for businesses. After you have done a report, Clockify will allow you to export the data to PDF, CSV, and XLS formats.


Offers basic time tracking, invoicing and project monitoring

Easy creation of reports from timesheet and project data


Only allows a limited number of projects

Random web crash or difficulty in page reloading due to heavy data load


If you need a complete project management tool equipped with all the basics, consider using Wrike. Wrike offers manual and automatic task timer for multiple projects, helping you achieve work proficiency at a faster speed. Just like other time tracking tools, it provides a versatile dashboard where you can do projects, assign specific tasks, monitor progress and create invoices. Paid subscription starts at $9.80 per user every month, and you will be required to register 5 user accounts to get one.


Comprehensive project management solutions with accurate time tracking capability

Manual and automatic task timer

Excellent invoicing features or billing process


No free subscription

The web interface is not as intuitive as other software tools

Time tracking apps may definitely help business owners and remote workers learn where they normally spend their time throughout the day. As you see, there are lots of time tracking tools you can check out there, offering different features and subscription prices. Your budget range, project complexity, and number of remote workers should be your primary considerations when choosing which brand is suitable for you.

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