A-ads Bitcoin Advertising Network: Earn Through CPM

A-ads bitcoin advertising network

What is Bitcoin Advertising Network?

Bitcoin Advertising Network is one of the ways you can earn by promoting advertisers ads through banners to your blog or website. If you’re planning to make money out of CPM (Cost per Mile) then A-ads is one of them. You read Bitcoin since it pays you through BTC (Bitcoin) instead of the known payment method like PayPal. A-ads is one of the CPM (Cost per Mile) where you can earn per 1000 views and the rate will depend on the quality of traffic received from your blog or website.

So Why Choose Bitcoin?

This is the question I get a lot from people and the reason why I chose it is simple. To be able to withdraw it right away instead of using PayPal. Withdrawing money through PayPal than to your bank takes a long time usually 2-4 days while BTC will take only for a few hours.

Since you know now the reason let me take you where to withdraw.

What Site to Withdraw BTC?

What I use is not Blockchain wallet but Coins.ph. The reason I chose it because of its convenience. If you haven’t known about coins then you can read the article below.

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At Coins I can use the BTC I earn to send it to my bank for free,  I can use it to pay my bills, buy load and more. If I use Blockchain I need to sell it and have the trouble to look for a buyer that won’t scam and run away with my money.

So to continue let me guide you how to sign up.

How to Register A-ads?

  1. Visit their site through here, Advertise with Anonymous Ads . Sign up and confirm the link on your email. then log in.
    A-ads bitcoin advertsising network log in
  2. On the Dashboard, to create a banner just click “Create an Advertising Campaign
    A-ads bitcoin advertising network dashboard
  3.  Choose ad unit type by choosing the size of the banner and the blog or website link.
    a-ads bitcoin advertising network selecting ad unit
  4.  Customize filter content to your blog or website niche or type then set withdraw parameters
    a-ads filter content and withdraw parameters
  5. Click “Create ad unit
    if you want to advertise follow the steps below.
  6. Select the Traffic setting
    A-ads bitcoin advertising network traffic setting
  7. Create ads below by putting details, then click “Start Campaign
    a-ads bitcoin advertising network creating ads
  8. Copy the “iFrame” code and place it on your blog or website and that’s it.

How to Edit the Withdrawal Address?

To put your Bitcoin address on A-ads just follow the steps below.

  1. Click your username on the top right and a drop-down menu appears. Click “Settings
    a-ads bitcoin advertising network settings
  2. Update your withdrawal address.
    A-ads bitcoin advertising network witdrawal settings

Requesting at A-ads to approve your site is instant. Unlike other bitcoin advertising network that takes up to 24 hours or more which can make you anxious if you’re new or just starting.

Choosing a banner will depend on the locations where you want to put it. mostly 720×90 is usually at the header or at the top of the posts. The 160×90 is usually at the widget or floating at the sides. For the 300×250 size banner is usually located at the body of the content or at the footer, sometimes you may see it at the widget on the sides. So placing your banners will depend on you where you want to put it.


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