Best OCR Software: Convert Images To Text


“Converting images to text to any MS Office document format like (Word, PDF, PPT) can be done easily by Cinch PDF Converter.”

Pros Cons
-Able to convert files fast without manually typing -Cinch PDF Converter offers lifetime license and updates at an affordable price

-Useful for students at the school

-Not able to convert some images or file that’s been poorly taken or scanned


For those who are new, have you tried applying for a data entry job that needs to copy or convert images to text?

Usually, this kind of jobs is usually common for companies who have bulk work and can’t cope up to finish the job. Some of them usually outsource as you may very well know now.

I’m sure you have applied to some already.

Some jobs similar to these are very easy once you have an OCR software to help you.

What is OCR by the way?

For the benefit of those who do not know, OCR means Optical Character Recognition. To cut it short, it’s similar as to what a scanner does.

It scans pages and saves it to another file format of your choosing.


Software to Convert Images to Text

Online, you can find a lot of OCR software but I find a useful software that conveniently does its job and it’s easy to use.

This software is Cinch PDF Converter.

As the name implies, it converts any file such as Word, PowerPoint, Image formats, and Excel to PDF.

Don’t conclude just yet, it also converts PDF file to another file format mentioned above. 

By applying for a similar work, It’s not always that you’ll receive image files but other file formats as well.

Take a look at Cinch PDF Converter below.

Cinch PDF Converter

As you can see the image above, It looks simple and basic because it really is.


How to convert the image to text

First, visit their website Cinch Solutions to download Cinch PDF Converter and install.

If you’re using Windows 10, make sure to click “Run anyway” when your SmartScreen shows. Don’t worry, there are no viruses included.

“Be sure to select the two main tabs on top either “From PDF or To PDF.” From PDF is you want to convert the PDF file to another while to PDF is to convert an image or MS Office file to PDF.

First step: Drag the image file to Cinch PDF Converter UI (If you want to add more files, just repeat the process or click “+AddFiles” button)

Second step: Below on the output format, Select the desired file format (DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIF, HTML, GIF, TIFF, XLS, XLSX)

(Optional) You can select a different folder to save your output

Third step: Click Convert button and wait for a few seconds or minutes depending on the number of files you want to convert

See the video to see the steps


That’s it, try it yourselves. I’m sure your workload will be a lot easier if you have Cinch PDF Converter.

If you’re buying a license, let me know for you to have a big discount. Leave a comment so that I’ll know.

Got a student at home or a friend that needs this software? Share it with them, I’m sure it will be of great help.




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5 thoughts on “Best OCR Software: Convert Images To Text”

  1. Thank You DRB,
    I have been using Adobe to do the conversion work wherein it works at times and many a time it just gives out junk character. I tried this software which seem to be a lot more effective than other one.
    Thanks for the share

    1. Hi Clariz,

      This is just a software that you can use when your work is data entry but this can be useful for other things as well..

    1. Hi,

      This is just a software that you can use when your work is Data entry but this software can be used for other things as well..
      For me, it saves me a lot of time when I use this software.

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