Exoclick: CPM That Counts Good on Low Tier

Every new blogger and website owner is looking for ways to monetize their site. 

The problem is which ad network to choose?

PTP or Paid to Promote sites are few nowadays compared to 5-10 years ago and when I mean few, few sites that are paying.

A lot of PTP sites are closed now and most don’t count good especially when your sites geographic traffic are mostly for low tier.

Are you still looking for PTP sites or ad network that count really good?

Join the Network here.

It’s a good ad network site where you can get a lifetime 5% from your referrals. You can ask for a weekly payment if you reach the minimum payment of $20.

Look at the details below the table.

Exoclick Details
Payment Method Paypal and Wire
Contact +34-931810272
How you can earn CPM, CPC, and XML

On the four days that I have tried it, counting is good compared to other networks you may try. 

Here is the image of four days with organic traffic. The counts are low since I have other ads showing and I only showed 33% of it.

Exoclick stats

It’s not big due to low traffic and by showing 33% of it.

Try it yourselves and you will know. 

Compare it to other networks you have joined and probably you’ll probably get 0 impressions and 0 earnings. 

If you could be earning you’ll probably not be paid.


What to avoid?

You need to avoid using bots for gaining traffic. If you do, you’ll not be paid and probably be banned.

Avoid using tricks to fraudulently get clicks, impressions and using redirects to cheat the referral source.

You should not try to promote your site on traffic exchanges as it will not do any good if you think you can earn more money.

Would you like to earn more but your site will drop due to low-quality traffic?

And it’s not worth also to do it for just promoting ads.


How to Promote Exoclick then?

To promote, you should start improving on your site, not just the content but the entirety of your site. Creating a good viral content is good but it will last for a few days or weeks. Once you have fixed the issues on your site then you can promote it by building more backlinks and on social media. Everything will follow afterwards.



Try this ad network or add it to your ad network if its hard to be approved on Adsense. It’s hard to be approved on Adsense especially if your website is not a top domain, to begin with. Not just that, but if your site gets traffic mostly on low tiers then it’s good to reconsider it.

Dale Basilla

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