How to Get Work Online at Home in the Philippines?

Online Work in the Philippines


Working Online in the Philippines at the comfort of your home is a great way to spend time with your family, avoid the long travel time due to traffic, and a good way to increase your income instead of a fixed salary.



Are you looking for online work at home?

Got tired of those false promises on networking sites which you can earn only through invites?

Before you decide, you must ask yourself if you’re prepared both mentally and if you got the right attitude.

Online work is never easy at first especially if you don’t have the skills and the knowledge.


What to do first when looking for work online?


“Know what you can do and search for common skills online. Once you know them, find something doable and not saturated.”

When searching for work on the internet, people tend to search for jobs related to data entry. The reason for this commonly is it’s easy, doable, and can learn fast. Due to a lot of people searching for this kind of job, you need to know that competition is hard.

The next searchable job is content writing, anyone can write on topics they’re familiar with or niche. This job is not saturated since most people don’t know everything but know something. So you have a fighting chance when applying for work.


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The third will be social media. This is easy work by doing promotion, posting articles, managing the page and more. There are a lot of uses when it comes to social media in any niche.

ESL will be fourth, Filipinos are good at speaking the English Language but the problem sometimes is the grammar and spelling. If you think you are average then working for an ESL company is possible. If you want help with your grammar then try Grammarly and try it out for free. You can download their app for your MS Office, Chrome browser, and for Windows OS.



Where to apply?

If you’re wondering what sites to apply, try first and Upwork before any sites. You have a higher percentage both of these sites.

Create your account, complete your profile and scan the website to familiarize yourself. Once you’re familiarized, try to search for jobs.

Is it okay to apply even though you don’t have an experience?

Yes, there are clients who are always looking for a freelancer with lowest rates.

It’s okay to start with low rates at first to get a familiarization and experience. Once you have enough experience, try to raise your rates or find another employer.

Choosing a job post?

Anyone can choose a job post but what it really means is how to choose a job which you won’t be scammed. There are a lot of scammers who will take advantage of you.

They know if you’re a beginner for the choice of words you use, questions you ask, and the experience you have.

So how can you avoid these scammers?

Actually, there isn’t but there is a way to minimize the probability of being scammed.

To do this, ask your client if its possible to ask for payment after doing one job and then weekly then bi-weekly. This is a faster way to do it without wasting so much of your precious time.

“I have done this but still get scammed anyway.”

It’s not a full proof method but its a way to lower the risk of being scammed. Even though have experienced this, take it as another perspective and try to learn from it.

Don’t delete your works because it will be handy as you apply on another client and it will serve as a reference and the amount of pay you will get.

Find a good Payment Method

Once your set, find a bank which you can attach your card to your PayPal. I Highly suggest EON Digital Me.


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Why EON Digital Me when there is EON card and Gcash (Its way faster to receive funds)?

EON Digital Me is safer and will act as your dummy card instead of using your own EON debit card. This way your card will be most safer.

For Gcash, yeah its fast but when it comes to applying its a hassle and frequent problems when withdrawing money or sometimes Gcash has issues.

If you want to withdraw your money fast due to emergencies and understands the hassle of applying, then use it.

Upgrade and learn a new skill

Once you’re familiar with your work on a client, try to learn new skills on your vacant time. This way you can add another client or increase your income.

Choosing a new skill doesn’t need to be specific. Try what you think you want to learn when you reach this point.

Filipinos are good at absorbing and learning a new skill when we are determined to earn more especially for our families.

Let’s talk about rates this time

When applying or try to look for another client, this is the common problem we bump into.

To get more feel about rates, try searching on social media. You can try in groups on Facebook and just post a question or just read some comments. You will get different results basing on rates due to experience, geographic location, and other reason.

This is a good start to ask if you’re wondering where to ask.

Do I need to Focus on One Skill?

It depends if you’re only skill is data entry then you really need to learn a not so common skill. For me, as long as you can earn more, you can manage easily, and won’t hinder you from success then go for it.

Things you need to take home after reading this post

When things are not going your way like applying for a lot of job post but don’t get any reply, messages, and notifications, never give up. Keep continuing until you land a job, get good feedback, learn more.

Will you ask If I experience the same?

Yes, after looking for a 3rd client since I want to earn more and expand my learning. I think everyone has experienced this.

Don’t be lazy, remember if you want something in your life, you need to work hard for it. Working online is never easy at first.

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