ESL Smartphone Apps That Let you Teach and Earn!

ESL Smartphone Apps: Teach and Earn


Earning is no longer exclusive for employees working in an office and/or workers carrying out services for customers/clienteles. Earning is already possible by the internet and creative entrepreneurs outside of these typical scenarios.

What made these entrepreneurs creative? What are these untypical scenarios?

Entrepreneurs create teaching experience more convenient for both teachers and students.

How is it convenient?

  • Fish out your phone
  • Access the internet
  • Download the App
  • Register
  • Comply with their requirements
  • Activate
  • Teach

Easy enough?

Well, it gets easier.

You earn by going online/available.

Wait for calls and be paid by the minute!

In this blog, I will be naming these online schools that I have come across and have read over the internet. I have seen a lot that hires teachers of different nationalities, but I will be only mentioning the apps that accept Filipino applicants since most of them accept English native speakers.

Most of these apps don’t really require teaching experiences. 

They prefer native English speakers or at least have a native-like accent.

See the table below for some information about these apps and check whether you’re fit in their qualifications or your preference.






Nationality of Students Nationality of Teachers Minimum Requirement Rate Minimum Cashout Mode of Payment Frequency of Payment


Chinese (Mostly university students) Any fluent English speaker -At least 18 years old

-At least 6 months of teaching experience

147php / hour


2.47php / minute

1500 php Paypal Twice a month: every other Tuesday
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Students in VIPTALK are students of iShow which is an offline English school in China.

Students use VIPTALK to apply and practice what they learned in iShow.

From what I gathered, there are also teachers in VIPTALK that are not Filipinos since I still get questions from students of which country I am from. Teaching experience is a must when applying for the job since you will be doing more than free talks with the students. Ceiling rate is 210/hour. Cut-off is every Monday afternoon. No charges are made when the company wires you your salary. Salary is credited to your account a day or two after the cur-off.


Chinese Any fluent English Speaker -At least 18 years old

-No teaching experience required

10$ / hour 20 $ Paypal Every Week
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Students can range from kids to professionals. More often than note, your competition will be native speakers. They don’t really require teachers with experiences since most students opt for free talks. Teachers with experiences are tagged on purpose so students with a specific purpose or preference can call them.


Chinese Any fluent English Speaker -At least 18 years old

-No teaching experience required

Set your own rate No Minimum Cashout Alipay,


Once a month: on the 1st-5th of the month
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Students enrolled in Palfish range from kids to professionals and in between. Some teachers can speak both English and Chinese. Start with a lower rate to get regular students then increase rate as you build up your reputation.  

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