Teaching Strategies Teach & Learn IELTS - Malaysia Ryugaku Net

Teaching Strategies: Teach & Learn IELTS – Malaysia Ryugaku Net

One of the best ways to start freelancing is by teaching English online. Filipinos are known worldwide to have excellent English communication skills with good grammar, which other non-English speaking countries find very helpful. There are a lot of ESL companies hiring Filipino tutors or teachers. Some of them even spend money on online advertisements to catch the attention of many into applying to their companies. This alone proves the high demand for the Filipino English teaching workforce.

The disruption of everyday life has changed even the education setups across the world. With the presence and availability of the internet, many flocked to online learning and training. It’s true that travels, vacations, parties, concerts, and other common activities people used to do are either stopped or became limited but, it doesn’t mean that improvements in career, skills, and schooling should stop.

What is IELTS

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s leading English proficiency test. It mainly assesses one’s ability to understand English through reading, writing, and speaking. Students and adult professionals take the IELTS exam for many reasons, such as applying to a foreign university or company, enhancing their skills in English, applying for a higher-paying job, or even migration. IELTS became so popular that the demand for it continues to elevate. This same factor, plus the demand for flexible learning, opened new opportunities to many ESL teachers.

IELTS: Malaysia Ryugaku Net

Ryugaku Net is a company based in Malaysia hiring ESL teachers to train their IELTS students to continue their English learning during the lockdowns. They cater mainly to Japanese high school students and university graduates required to meet the English entry-level to get accepted in colleges and universities in Malaysia. It is not widely known across the Philippines, but this company offers an excellent opportunity to ESL teachers to earn and learn in the process. A Filipino ESL teacher, who is the source who provided the information about this company, landed the job through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the largest professional social media platform powered by Microsoft. It allows people to interact with other professionals and follow companies without the toxicity other social media platforms have. It also allows employers to look for potential talents to hire, and if you’re looking for a job, you can effortlessly search for one on LinkedIn and apply for it since many companies advertise job posts on the platform, too.

What are the requirements in applying at Ryugaku Net

The requirements of Ryugaku are a bit strict compared to other companies looking for ESL teachers or instructors. For Online IELTS English Instructors, one must have:

  • At least 3 years of experience in teaching IELTS
  • Knowledgeable in providing teaching methods that can enhance students with IELTS test scores of 5.0-6.0 and above
  • Must be able to speak at least 2 or more languages, including English

For ESL teachers who would want to apply in Ryugaku Net, you will need:

  • At least 3 years of experience as an ESL teacher
  • Can handle and prepare teaching methods to increase the skills of English beginners
  • Must be able to speak two languages, including English. So, it means that if the only language you use and know is English, then it means you cannot apply for the job.

Luckily, Filipino English teachers are very welcome to apply to Ryugaku Net. The source believes this is not to intimidate students who struggle to learn English. Suppose they speak to a teacher who is not a native speaker or who also learned another language. In that case, they will feel more relaxed in class since the instructor can easily relate to the challenges of learning a foreign language.

You don’t have to be anxious about Ryugaku Net’s technical requirements. Unlike other ESL companies, which will even require you to have a backup power source/battery, a super-fast DSL connection, and computers with high specifications, they only require:

  • A working computer that can handle Zoom calls (classes are to be done via Zoom)
  • Knowledgeable in crafting teaching materials
  • A headset, preferably a noise-canceling one
  • Stable wired internet connection (minimum of at least 3mbps speed)

How to Apply in Ryugaku Net

The source didn’t technically look for the job. The company’s CEO found the source via LinkedIn. The CEO then invited the source to connect with him and inquired if the source will be interested in applying to their company.

Many scammers are also on LinkedIn, so you should check their profile and legitimacy before applying or accepting a job offer. Fortunately, in this case, the job is true to its promise. You can search for the company on LinkedIn and see the details about the job application on Ryugaku Net’s CEO’s profile here.

Basically, they are looking for two types of teachers:

  • Online English Instructor(for IELTS)
  • Online ESL Instructor (for English beginners)

If you are an ESL teacher and want to get additional credentials for teaching IELTS students, you should apply to Ryugaku Net. In this article, the focus will be the job post for the Online ESL Instructor since most job seekers at HOWPO would like to help by writing this article.

The application process is pretty simple: connect with Mr. Naoki Yamane of Ryugaku Net. All you need to do is express your interest in the job, send your resume, and, if you meet the company’s requirements, you’re all set. The source said that Mr. Naoki is very accommodating in guiding applicants throughout the application process. Even if you don’t have experience teaching IELTS, he can schedule you for a demo class for the category.

The demo classes for both IELTS and ESL instructors will include actual lessons with their students. However, unlike with other ESL companies, you will be the one to provide your demo material. This is the reason why they are looking for experienced and seasoned ESL teachers. Once you pass the demo lessons, you will discuss the company policies and your desired working schedule.

Teaching rate and Payout Process in Ryugaku Net

This online IELTS/ESL company offers PHP200/hour. This is truly promising since the pay won’t get taxed, unlike other Japanese-owned ESL companies. A class may include 4 students; this is categorized as a “group class.” But, this seldom occurs, and most likely, you will only teach one student at a time.

The class is considered one hour each, but there is an interval of 10-minutes between each session. For example, your first class is at 8:00 AM, which of course, will end at 9:00 AM. The following classes will then start after ten minutes- which means the succeeding class will begin at 9:10 AM. The intervals are imposed so instructors can take a quick break after each session.

The salary in Ryugaku Net is sent directly to the instructor’s bank account every 5th of the month. Usually, the arrival of the funds is determined by the bank’s processing time in the Philippines.

They shoulder all the necessary transfer fees, which reflect the professionalism of this company. The source said it might be delayed but only due to bank holidays or technical issues during the transfers but, overall, the company pays their teacher accordingly and on time.

Work schedule in Ryugaku Net

The company offers classes from Monday-Sunday, but they are very considerate to instructors who have other jobs. The company offers flexibility in the schedule to be discussed and planned in a Zoom meeting before starting teaching.

You can plan a lesson from 8:00 AM until 9:00 PM, Philippine/Kuala Lumpur Time. Ryugaku Net imposes a fixed lunch break from 11:20 AM-1:00 PM. Regular students are provided once your schedule is set. Your students can change in a month or even weeks. The management will inform you every week so long as you offer them your preferred working hours to allocate the enrolled students. Confirmation of schedule is every Sunday night.

Penalties and Holiday Observations

The company’s policy is simple: No Work, No Pay. However, if your class is ongoing and you get disconnected due to technical issues, they will only calculate the lost minutes in the class and deduct it from your pay. They do not impose a 20% deduction from a month’s salary due to short interruptions, unlike other companies.

The “No Work, No Pay Policy” is justifiable for a remote work setup. The company also observes Philippine holidays- these are unpaid as well. So, if you are keen to have a work-life balance and join your families during local Philippine holidays, Ryugaku Net is a great choice.

The Pros and Cons of Working for Ryugaku Net

HOWPO’s source, an ESL teacher in Ryugaku Net, mentioned that since the company is focused on IELTS, the teaching method is very different from the usual ESL setups. One of the challenges you’ll face is teaching “IELTS Writing” since it can be boring for most students. It’s up to you to keep them engaged in the class.

Note that you will also be the one to provide the topics or materials to use in the class- that’s why they look for experienced ESL teachers who can work with them hand in hand. The source also mentioned that although you’ll rarely get a group class, increasing this type of lesson should be something the company should consider as the approach is very different from one-on-one classes.

The students (high school/university students) in Ryugaku Net are also very respectful and eager to learn. Of course, it’s a different challenge if the student is a beginner. Like in any ESL company, the key is to do your best to help the student learn by reinventing your teaching method that is easier for them to understand.

The management and the students are what make teachers stay with Ryugaku Net. Added to this is that there are no children in their classes, which means you don’t have to worry about their ever-changing moods. If you prefer teaching adults, a flexible schedule, and the chance to be more adept at IELTS, HOWPO thinks you should consider working for this IELTS company.

HOWPO’s Conclusion

The source has been an ESL teacher for almost eight years which means, and this person’s assessment of this company is a truly valuable benchmark to consider when looking for an ESL job. The source also highly recommends working in Ryugaku Net and, HOWPO also believes that it is indeed a great working opportunity Filipino freelancers should consider applying. To learn more about Ryugaku Net, you can visit their website here.

Eunice Buenaventura

By passion and profession, Eunice is a content writer, ESL teacher, and social media manager.

Eunice worked in Accenture and Nestlé Business Services where she gained experience in content moderation, process training, customer service, and eContent asset management. Her passion for English and marketing landed her part-time writing jobs while working in a corporate office.

She discovered ESL Teaching that same year she started content writing and soon realized that it’s also something she wanted to pursue. She left her corporate job to become a freelance writer and ESL teacher.

Eunice has grown a network of clients in her content writing and ESL teaching career. Eunice consistently widens her expertise in marketing by learning new skills. She just started her career as a social media manager for clients abroad and in the Philippines.

You may check some of Eunice’s works on howpo.info.

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