8 Perfect Ideas On Instagram To Grow Yourself As A Freelancer

8 Perfect Ideas On Instagram To Grow Yourself As A Freelancer

Though Instagram came into live in 2010, it has acquired most people’s minds and became the world’s third-largest social media network. Within a decade, Instagram gained more than one billion active users monthly, and they are highly engaged. Businesses and brands take this as an advantage and involve Instagram with their marketing strategies.

Interestingly, 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business to keep them updated. Instagram also has immense potential for freelancers to grow in the competitive market. People share 100 million photos and videos daily, where the engagement rate is higher than Facebook or Twitter. So, Instagram is a great place to interact with audiences directly.

Instagram becomes a tool for boosting your personal brand related to any field and raise your popularity among the large user base. 

The upcoming article explains the best marketing tips to grow you as a successful freelancer. Come on! Let’s see the interesting points to keep your footprint on Instagram as a freelancer.

#1. Get Opportunities Via Your Bio

People will gather on your Instagram page if your bio really looks exciting and authentic. Though Instagram is an entertaining medium for each user, you can become a successful freelancer or marketer on this platform with correct tactics. The starting point for your growth is your bio because it is a place where visitors judge you and your business.

Bio is an inbuilt advertising tool for freelancers to attract visitors and convert them as your follower. Instagram provides you 150 characters to explain to your audiences about your freelancing business and who you are. When a user finds your content attractive, they automatically visit your bio page to get new information about you. Once they are impressed with your bio, they hit the follow button.  

The necessary things to add to your bio are:

  • The profile picture makes users remember you and maybe your brand logo if available to make it popular.
  • An attractive username related to your business and to capture the attention of visitors.
  • Give way for easy interaction by providing your contact information with mail id and your location.
  • At last, Instagram allows you to add a link that may be your website link to drive traffic or your landing page.

#2. Stick To A Goal

After knowing the importance of profile basics, let us take time to think about the reason behind the presence on Instagram and what you want to achieve. Set a goal related to your niche to maintain a consistent look from start to end. The objective for each account differs according to the interest. Choose any one of the below goals to gain audiences to your Instagram account.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get more clients and followers to your page
  • Improve the engagement rate
  • Promote your products and services
  • Increase sales
  • Lead generation to capture potential customers

Focus on a single goal to achieve success, and it helps to stand out from the crowd because of your consistency. Depending on your objective, decide your content that makes it suitable for your audiences and your freelancing business. The more specific goals bring betterment to your account.

#3. What To Post First

The main factor to make your goal a perfect one is through the content you showcase to audiences. It is a great tool to gather potential clients for your business. Increase traffic to your website by posting engaging content with great captions and drive them to join your business. You can also choose to give content in an entertaining way, and in the end, it should tell people about your freelancing business.

For example, if you want to increase brand awareness and leave messages to the public, tell the people about the below points:

  • Prepare content about your freelancing business to audiences in an engaging way.
  • The strengths of your work and convey in what way it helps audiences.
  • Your experience in a particular niche creates trust.
  • The reason for starting your own business and your interest in the specific business.

All the points mentioned above help to identify and remember your brand easily with your audiences. Increasing conversion should always be a secondary and first focus on promoting your brand.

#4. Include Instagram stories Feature

The most exciting feature introduced by Instagram is the Stories feature. More than 500 million people share their thoughts and memorable events on Instagram stories every day. This brings out an increase in engagement level and helps to grow your business. Instagram stories connect you directly with your user base to a personal level.  

Use Stories by performing the following activities,

  • Share videos behind the scenes.
  • Conduct polls by asking for an opinion about your business.
  • Clear the doubts of your followers regarding your business by performing Q&A sessions.
  • Conduct surveys
  • Show your freelancing business and its features.

Bring in action for the above points using stickers that are in-built on stories. The different varieties of stickers are Countdown stickers, Question stickers, Quiz stickers, Location stickers, etc. Use the stickers to make your content appealing that boost views for Instagram stories, and grow your business with your engaging audiences. 

#5. Choose Hashtags For Your Favour

Instagram is all about exciting and valuable content. It becomes challenging to find the right content in this vast world. To make your work easier, the usage of hashtags came into action. Hashtags play an important role in finding the right content regarding your requirement. Add hashtags on each of your content becomes a key for your target audiences to see you. 

Get more clients by using the relevant hashtags effectively on your content. The search bar on your Instagram itself helps to find the relevant hashtag. Avoid choosing more generic hashtags because it becomes difficult to drive the traffic. Instagram allows you to include 30 hashtags in a single post. But use only seven to ten hashtags to make your content attractive. 

Be careful while choosing hashtags because it is a vital tool for finding you by many business people. If you have any name for your specific brand, use the same name as a hashtag to make the name famous.

#6. Utilize IGTV Feature

The important marketing strategy to grow your freelancing business is by posting content in video form. Videos create a visual experience with your audiences and help to build brand trust. Show that you are an expert in your business through your engaging video. First, when Instagram was introduced, you can upload videos for only one minute. But in the recent update, Instagram introduced an IGTV feature specially designed for businesses and brands to explore their thoughts clearly.

IGTV features allow you to upload videos for 15 minutes and explain your business clearly. If you are a verified user, you can extend your videos for one hour. Since it is long content, it is in your hand to stay with your audiences by making them watch videos till the end. There is a preview video for one minute in IGTV to explore the importance of your video to your clients. 

Shoot an exclusive video giving the exciting story of your freelancing business. Publish those videos to engage audiences in your account.

#7. Time To Post

Instagram provides changes in the way you make content to your engaging audiences. But to utilize the opportunity to the fullest, you have to know the right time to post on Instagram. The popularity of your content increases only if more people view it. Before posting content, learn the online presence of your audiences to create engagement. The popularity of your business grows when you know the active time of your audiences. 

Instagram has an inbuilt tool to find the active time of your audiences and their engagement. It is none other than the Instagram insights option. You can utilize this feature only if you have a business account. Without any delay, convert your regular account into a business account through settings. After that, move on to the insights option, where you can see all your posts and the engagement rate. When you scroll down, you will see the average active time of your audiences to post your content. Post your essential update on weekends to gather more views and likes.

#8. Promote Your Content

When your content reaches many people, your business will automatically get popular among different audiences. Even large brands can find your content easily if you gain popularity. Other social media networks also help to improve your business. Promote your content on other networks to make it famous for your audiences on other sites. 

Pull out your favorite quotes or captions on other networks and use the same profile picture to recognize you easily. Another advantage of sharing content on other social media platforms is that you can add links to it where you can’t do it on Instagram. Promote your multiple blogs on Instagram and other channels to attract users to your website and participate in your freelancing business.

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