7 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas You Must Try In 2021

7 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas You Must Try In 2021

Are you struggling for unique post ideas on Instagram? It arises to most of us.

Bringing an engaging post consistently is an excellent challenge on social media. Sometimes, it feels like a dead-end to your post ideas on Instagram. It becomes more challenging if you use a color palette or feed theme because you are restricted by your content aesthetic. It’s a strategy primarily used by marketing and social media managers worldwide. 

We have analyzed and picked the seven most engaging post ideas on Instagram and examples that you could take and create your unique one. Say bye-bye to all your old posts. Let’s dive in.

Utilize Social Media Holidays To Post Ideas On Instagram

While struggling to post ideas on Instagram, the easiest solution is to propose every campaign around forthcoming social media events and holidays, bringing massive traffic on that particular day. (like everybody gets involved with #Farmersday)

The following trending hashtags are in three categories:

  • Current affairs – #USElections, #BalckFriday
  • Commemorative Days – #WorldVeganDay, #EarthDay
  • Instagram Trends – #ThrowbackThursday, #MondayMotivation

These commemorative days are the potential for creatives, influencers, and brands to post ideas on Instagram. Regardless of audience demographic or industry, social media holidays can be available to everyone, and many less apparent things grant brands to go creative and plan outside the part. Naturally, a men’s fashion would post on #WorldBeardDay, but some shops with their products like a beard growing cream or even B2B companies celebrate the day. 

Fashion and tech giants use trending hashtags to bring unique post ideas on Instagram. It clearly shows how you could drive traffic on many social media holidays, although they are related to your brand or business. 

This kind of Instagram post idea levels up your reach because every person is browsing and using the ditto hashtag. It makes you do the planning, scheduling uploads, and saving last-minute content or post. If you are struggling to get more inspiration on Instagram, look at the forthcoming monthly trends and think about how you could go creative with post ideas on Instagram in that particular topic.


Naturally, humans are curious, and they enjoy understanding the clockwork and the people behind a business or brand. Suppose you start to think of post ideas on Instagram or to get to know that you can’t control the high-price product shots and do not want to leave it. Then break the other wall; make your audience to be in.

Film some exciting contents that showcase personal things about your business, company culture, and team. Whether it is a sneak peak at your creative work, just a picture with your teammate doing something funny, or the BTS preparation for your forthcoming event, it lets your fans know more about you or your brand.

If you feel unimpressed for post ideas on Instagram, consider a video content or photo series you can produce that tells the people’s stories in your workspace. This content type connects with your audience and develops your community well on Instagram.

UGC(User Generated Content)

If you run out of post ideas, provide a chance to your audience to repost their pictures. UGC is the most fantastic content in today’s social media, receiving nearly 75% engagement to be trustable than branded content.

You want to encourage your people on Instagram to upload your brand pictures to succeed on your UGC. Provide a specific hashtag to submit content, analyze the hashtag, and check the posts you are tagged in. Mention it in your profile bio section and give a strong CTA or anything similar.

Don’t forget to get permission before posting someone’s content. It is unnecessary, but it is a perfect way to begin a genuine conversation with your customers. Send them a text or mention them in the post’s first comment, or do both. 

It’s Time To Quote

The simple post idea is creating a text image that complements the Instagram feed. Regardless of audience and industry, a meme or quote is a perfect way to bring emotion and information to your fans and increase engagement. Rather than uploading images regularly, try to post interesting quotes and provide something contrasting to your people.

Your text images can be dynamic, informative, humorous, or any better-looking typography. The perfect point is that any business or brand could utilize this post idea on Instagram and bring it relatable to your audience. 

Conduct a Contest On Instagram

It needs perfect planning and some promotion strategy than other post ideas, but the payoffs could be massive. One of the Instagram post ideas is to merge your feed with various contests on your Instagram profile. Giveaways and Contests are the better tricks to develop your audience rate and increase your engagement quickly. It makes many audiences tag their friend circles so that the high will be your post reach(contest).

If you want an Instagram contest to be more successful, ready with some penny, give clear guidelines for participants, fix a deadline and determine how you will choose the winner. 

Instagram Pets

If you don’t have any beliefs about Instagram post ideas and feel like an empty box, you can use a different way to bring your text. Instagram likes pets, and pets love Instagram. Using the pets in your Instagram posts is a better path to increase your engagements. According to the study, 300% gain in comments on Instagram content highlighting pets uploaded by a business or brand.

The perfect part in involving pets and animals in your Instagram marketing strategy is that pets are more effective across audiences and industries. Similar to the BTS approach, it also showcases the brand’s lovable side. So, if you feel empty on post ideas, make your fuzzy friends in the spotlight and see your engagement up a level.


A significant thing that connects the whole universe is food. Everyone wants to eat to live. Video content and images of foods engage very well on the platform because the audience is the entire universe. You can upload some mouth-watering food recipes in your Instagram feed if you feel like hitting a wall on post ideas.

There are various ways to use food as post ideas on Instagram. You can organize to upload food recipe content on social media holidays, as discussed in point one. And also, repost customer’s image or a local eatery to develop the community. 

Wrapping Up

There is no end to opportunities. Keep it so simple if you are overwhelmed—no need to tackle all the post ideas on Instagram at once. To begin, select the right idea which you could convert into common themes.

Then what are you looking for? Come, try every Instagram post idea, increase your engagement rate, and develop your brand, business, or community.

Mary Kyle

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.


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