Langdy Audio ESL Company: Catering Korean & Chinese Students

English as a Second Language Teaching remains one of the most popular work from home jobs today. Many companies are offering ESL teaching jobs across the Philippines. Some of them are the ones you see on social media advertisements but, there are still a lot of other ESL companies to know about. One of them is LANGDY, which is an ESL company catering mainly to Korean adult students and some Chinese students.

But before applying to any company, it is highly advised to research it. This is to ensure you are going to be in good hands upon employment, you’ll get properly paid, and that you will not be wasting time and effort in applying for the job. If you are thinking about applying at LANGDY, here’s an article that will help you better understand what it’s like to work for them.

H.O.W.P.O reached out to an ESL teacher who previously worked for LANGDY. Discover in this article what working for LANGDY is like- based on reliable first-hand experience from its ex-employee.

What is LANGDY?

LANGDY is an ESL company that offers audio-class only- so you don’t need to worry about buying a web camera if you use a desktop computer. It uses a booking system and classes are executed via Kakao Talk (Kakao Talk has a computer application version). They have a separate platform for opening slots and for checking the information of the students who booked your lessons. You have to add the students manually, one by one, at least six hours (6 hrs) before the class. The problem is, some students don’t disclose their Kakao Talk ID on the platform which is a total hassle for teachers. You need to coordinate with their admin to find the student’s account- this will also require you to check the platform from time to time to see if your slot is booked and do the corresponding steps after.

How to Apply in LANGDY:

Applying in LANGDY will require you to fill out their Google docs form. You can easily find the link in many job postings online such as this:

Langdy Hiring ESL teachers

It will require you to input your basic information, including your work-related experience. They will scan your form and if they believe that you are qualified for the job, one of their hiring managers will invite you to a short interview- where you will also perform a teaching demo.

Teaching demos are very common in applying for an ESL Company. But in LANGDY, it’s highly unusual that they will require you to do it right away. In other ESL companies, they will give materials from their company to help you study for the demo class, giving you ample time to prepare for it for better chances of passing. Once you successfully pass the demo, you can immediately create an account on their platform and open slots so students can book them.

What are the requirements to teach in LANGDY?

LANGDY is open to experienced ESL teachers who are proficient in the English language. Bachelor’s degree holders and undergraduates are both welcome to apply. Their technical requirements are similar to other ESL companies:

  • A working laptop/desktop computer at least i3, 4GB RAM
  • Wired internet connection with at least 5MBPS speed or higher
  • Noise-canceling headset
  • Proficiency in using Kakao Talk
  • Back-up battery or energy source to avoid cancellation of classes

Does LANGDY provide flexibility of schedule?

Since LANGDY offers a booking system, you can plot your schedule as desired or required by your other commitments during the day. They allow teachers to open schedules from 4 AM to 12 AM, Philippine time. You are responsible for selecting your teaching schedule between these times- but note that its platform exercises a booking system process. It is advisable to open during peak hours.

How’s the culture teaching in LANGDY?

The majority of the students in LANGDY are adults but it’s not as they advertised that it’s Korean (adults) as seen on the screenshot presented above. Most of their clients are working professionals and university students. The youngest student handled by our source is a teenager, aged 13, with advanced English communication skills for a K-12 student of her age. They are generally respectful and obedient in class unlike with other ESL companies you might have heard about.

How much is the teaching rate in LANGDY?

LANGDY advertises a rate of US$4.5 for a 60-minute class. Each class in LANGDY is 20 minutes with a 10-minute interval before the next class begins. Technically, you’ll exhaust 1.5 hours to just reach the US$4.5 LANGDY advertises. It’s entirely misleading, especially if you do not know the processes inside the company yet.

If you search about the company on job review sites, you will be shocked by the harsh reality of how low LANGDY pays its teachers. Here are some of the reviews about their rates:

Langdy Teaching rate part 1
Langdy Teaching rate part 2

Compared to other ESL companies, it is unfortunate that LANGDY only offers such a small amount of money for the task they are requiring you to do. In other companies, you’ll get paid at least US$2-2.5/hour, but only for two 25minutes of class- not three. If you do the math, it will appear as if LANGDY still offers better pay. However, you must always consider the penalties and deductions they impose on their teachers.

In LANGDY’s case, our source mentioned that the deductions and penalties were not disclosed upon hiring. You have to read their website diligently to know all of these penalties. They do not offer an orientation or training about the company’s policies which can be misleading for newly hired teachers.

What are the penalties and payout fees in LANGDY?

It is normal for ESL companies to impose penalties to exercise good attendance performance on teachers. LANGDY’s offer of $4.5/hour appears enticing but you must be aware of the hidden charges they will ask you to shoulder once you work for them.

Unfortunately, LANGDY is extremely biased when it comes to handling their teachers and students. In short, they are more inclined to please the student even if the teacher will suffer from something they are not responsible for.

LANGDY also uses a coin-based scoring system in their classes, whereas:

  1. 10 coins are equal to US$1 (10 coins = 1 dollar)
  2. 15 coins are equal to US$1.5 (15 coins = 1.5 dollars)

For each completed lesson, you’ll acquire 15 coins. If a student canceled the class, you’ll get a 60-coin deduction. Take note that this is if the STUDENT is the one who declared or informed the company to cancel a class- even during the exact time of the lesson.

Langdy coin based scoring system

In addition to this, their payout is through Paypal. Here’s the twist: the teachers are the ones who will shoulder the transfer fee of the salary and not LANGDY. This is a highly unprofessional and unacceptable treatment for teachers. As the employer, they should be the ones to shoulder the transfer fees just like what other ESL companies do. Knowing Paypal’s policy, if you transfer money from Paypal to your bank account, you have to pay a PHP50 transfer fee if it’s below PHP8000. If the teacher’s salary is PHP4,000, LANGDY will deduct the transfer fee from their Paypal account to the teacher’s. The teacher will then pay an additional PHP50 transfer fee to withdraw their money from their ATM since it’s below the required PHP8,000 to avoid paying the withdrawal fee.

Is LANGDY a good ESL Company to work for?

Assessing the collective information discovered through this valuable source, LANGDY is not a good ESL company to work for especially for Filipino ESL teachers who tirelessly enhance their skills and pour their dedication into providing world-class lessons to their respective students. Their policies are vague and complicated to understand. And without them allotting a time to orient their new teachers about it sounds deceitful and more of like a scheme to rob teachers of their time, talent, and efforts. The ridiculous penalties are not worthy of the skills Filipino teachers have. Their system is preposterous for teachers- from the teaching scheduling up to receiving the payment.

HOWPO’s Conclusion:

Amidst the pandemic, it’s tempting to grab any opportunity to earn without having to travel daily. But be mindful of the culture, rates, and teaching platforms and systems an ESL company has before saying “YES” to a contract. It is always a good thing to be curious- perform research, look for testimonials, and be vigilant before believing things you see on a job post online.

Do not be deceived by the rates an ESL company offers. You have to consider their culture, penalty, and the types of students you’ll meet. LANGDY isn’t the only ESL company you’ll find- there are many others you can apply to that will not require you to go through such a stressful and complicated process from start to finish. Read more on this article from HOWPO as to which ESL companies should you consider working for.

Eunice Buenaventura

By passion and profession, Eunice is a content writer, ESL teacher, and social media manager.

Eunice worked in Accenture and Nestlé Business Services where she gained experience in content moderation, process training, customer service, and eContent asset management. Her passion for English and marketing landed her part-time writing jobs while working in a corporate office.

She discovered ESL Teaching that same year she started content writing and soon realized that it’s also something she wanted to pursue. She left her corporate job to become a freelance writer and ESL teacher.

Eunice has grown a network of clients in her content writing and ESL teaching career. Eunice consistently widens her expertise in marketing by learning new skills. She just started her career as a social media manager for clients abroad and in the Philippines.

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