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Tutoring: Teach and Earn $4 per hour - HOWPO

Tutoring: Teach and Earn $4 per hour



Earn money even when you’re at home with TUTORING. Yes dear, that’s possible. Instead of scrolling and liking posts on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter, why not earn through teaching English?

Wanna get started? This company that I’m about to introduce will widen your eyes. Yes, I am not over exaggerating; it widened my eyes as well when I found out. It’s a great opportunity, especially for Korean Pop fans. Brace yourselves and stay composed as I’m going to reveal the company details now.


What is Tutoring?


The name of the company is Tutoring. It is a Korean company (that’s why I said Kpop fans would love this); an on-demand private language tutoring service with story cards on a variety of topics including language exams and personal interests.

Tutoring provides a venue for us English tutors and students to get in touch and has lessons through calls, yes not video calls but calls. Earn money while teaching English in a convenient way.

Tutoring provides a place for English tutors and students to meet and have lessons in less than a minute. Tutors can simply go online in free time and students can call available tutors and have lessons. The company is looking for highly motivated and talented individuals to become a part of Tutoring.

Pretty awesome isn’t it! There are more surprises ahead. Keep reading dear.


How much will I earn?

Well, in regards to that your rate will depend on your experience and how well you do during the demo and interview. It is determined by your multidimensional evaluation based on your ability, experience, and residence. We Filipinos know that native speakers always have the high chance of getting paid with a higher rate. The title can be changed according to feedback from students and the tutor’s performance.

The expected earning can be $4 per hour (teaching time) plus bonuses depending on the rate given to you by the company. Yes, the starting rate is $4 and that’s like more or less 200 pesos (Will depend on the exchange rates). Here’s more you will have extra earnings during peak hours. That’s a pretty big starting rate for Filipinos and ESL teachers know that very well.

Having an opportunity like this should never be wasted, I’ve been teaching online for several years and this is one of the companies I came across to that offers a $4 per hour starting rate and right now, you should be like “I have to get this job now and $4 per hour!!” That’s what I also whispered when I knew about this company. $4 will still be converted, for example, the exchange rate is $1 = 50php, in other words, that is 200 per hour.

Tutoring pays three times a month, those dates are the 10th, 20th and the 30th.

I ultimately agree that the rate is a really good starting rate, that’s why you have to prepare and ace the demo and interview.

Another reminder, the earnings may change due to exchange fluctuations. The exchange rate on the day of payment will be applied and the rate will be posted as well.


How do I get paid?


Depending on where you live, you will receive your earnings via PayPal. I think it’s more convenient for receiving payments through PayPal; it’s quick and it’s more convenient for both the company and the teachers. No PayPal account? Don’t worry! It’s free and I can help you with that.

To make a PayPal account:

First, go to Paypal

Click sign up, choose: Receive payments with PayPal then input your information. Be accurate; make sure to use a really strong password that no one would ever guess then after submitting, scan through your emails for the verification.


After verification, tada! You now have a PayPal account.

Create an Account

PayPal is actually one the most common medium of payment, it could be sending or receiving. Regretfully, many people don’t like to use PayPal, however, in my opinion, I think PayPal is not that hassle as you think.



To be able to withdraw your money from PayPal, all you just have to do is link it to your bank. These banks include BDO, BPI, Union Bank, Metrobank and other accredited banks. However, as someone who receives salary through PayPal, I withdraw my salary by linking and transferring it to Gcash (Globe). Yes, you can link your PayPal account to your Gcash account. Signing for a Gcash account can be done through dialing *143# to your phone choose Gcash, then register. You will be asked to enter a pin and then they will send you instructions for the next steps. Be reminded that after registering you’ll be asked to go to any Globe Service Center for their Gcash KYC or Know Your Client program. Request for a Gcash card for you to withdraw on any ATM. Don’t forget to bring your ID for verification.

After the successful verification, from here on you can link your PayPal to Gcash! Yey, pretty fast and simple right?

Now let’s proceed…


Is there a possibility that my rate will increase?


No doubt. Just like riding a bike, you’ve got to pedal harder and focus on the road you’re in to keep moving. With your performance and positive feedback from your students, you can have chances to a rate increase.

Always make sure you conduct productive and fun lessons for your students to make an impression. Be patient and understanding.

Are you feeling ants in your pants now? Decided to apply for the position and earn 200 per hour? Okay, won’t make it longer.


What do I need to have to apply?

You have to be a native speaker or as good, another is you must be at least 18 years, a college graduate or currently enrolled; experience in teaching English. Someone who is passionate about teaching English (can handle different levels of students) and If you have experience teaching TOEIC Speaking or OPIC Speaking, please mention it to the resume. (Must mention to get higher rate)


For Equipments,

First, Tutoring highly recommends you to teach at a quiet place with a good internet connection. Then, you will need a computer and a headset. It’s pretty convenient, isn’t it?


What are my responsibilities as a Tutoring teacher?

Just familiarize with our own topic cards, be professional while teaching and leave well-written feedbacks from the students.


Is it booking system?

No dear, it’s not. This is what real flexibility is! Actually, I’ve been teaching for years to other companies and I often get penalties for the booked classes that I missed. Yes, other companies will deduct your salary or inactivate your account for days if you fail to attend a booked class. However, here in Tutoring, that will never happen. Why? Because you won’t have to open slots in advance and worry about not being able to attend if there are emergencies.

When you are free to work and conduct classes you will just change your status to AVAILABLE (6 am to 2 am) and wait for students to call you. Or, your students will contact you and set an appointment for the class. Flexible!

And no dear, you can only teach one student at a time and that’s not a big deal at all. Correct?

How to apply? How long will the hiring process take?

Application Process

Stage 1. Apply


Alright, so all you got to do is go to their Recruitment site. You will be are going to input some of your information then upload two photos and a voice or video recording talking about yourself. After completing your profile, they will tell you that your profile is still under review wait for their within 2 weeks.


Keep updated by always checking your mail.


Congratulation email

Stage 2. Interview


If you pass the first stage, you will receive an interview through email (so again, keep checking your mail) Read thoroughly and make a schedule for the interview, and another thing you will use Skype for the interview. In fact, it will only be an audio interview so it’s not in need to dress up professionally for that.

Stage 3. Read


If you get lucky and pass the second stage then you will be asked to read some articles about tutoring and then you will have another appointment for them to check the settings for the tutoring application.


Stage 4. System Check


Next is the 4th stage where they check your system and knowledge about what you learned in the articles that they asked you to read so it’s important to read carefully the articles, furthermore please prepare to answer few questions.


Stage 5. Monitoring


Next ….. if you passed the 4th stage then that’s it. At this point, your hiring progress is 90%. In this stage, you will start teaching. Yes, you heard me right, however, it’s not the time to celebrate yet as you are still monitored in your first few lessons. Avoid to do things that are prohibited otherwise things might get complicated. They’re not harsh, but we must always take extra precautions.


Stage 6. Teach


The 6th stage. Yohooo! This is the time to celebrate Victory! You are finally now an officially a Tutoring English teacher. Congratulations! I am so proud of you. Yes, for real.

This time, you can really start to meet and teach students from all over the world by logging in during your free time or set appointments.


Why Should I apply?


-Apply because you qualify!

-Choose TUTORING so you can teach English online whenever you want

-Work in Tutoring to earn a competitive salary while teaching English in a convenient way.

– All you need is you because you don’t need to prepare your lessons. The company has provided more than 2000 teaching materials for you.

-Flexibility is real in Tutoring because you can teach in your free time with a PC and internet connection with cable.

Of course, APPLY because that’s $4 pesos per hour.

Are you thankful for what you read?

Are you applying? If you are, please don’t forget to write us in the “how did you hear about us” section. Just type our website:


What are you waiting for?

Grab the opportunity!

Ace the Interview!

Get the position!

Earn 200/hr!


If you have questions, feel free to ask and email me at 🙂 I will be glad to help you or you can also directly email them at

Official Tutoring Website: Tutoringen.imweb

Tutoring official Facebook page



Katch Kafaye Uy

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  1. Piece of advice, dear, edit your work before publishing it. But thank you for the insight. This would surely help many.

  2. Hi. May I ask your personal opinion? Out of all the ESL schools featured on this website, which would you strongly suggest in terms of: 1) rate per hour, 2) good support group for the teachers, and 3) flexibility of hours?

  3. So it says in this blog that it’s not a booking system so it’s guaranteed that students will come to you at the time you switch your status to AVAILABLE? So you get fixed students? And when transferring from your PayPal account to your GCash account, how much is the charge? I hope to get a response from you soon.

  4. Hello. I am currently on the first part of the process. What is the ‘certification’ I need to upload? Thank you.

  5. Hi, I’m not familiar with a regular schedule system. I have a question… In the company that I’m working for now, I can plot my own schedule and it’s a booking system. Now my dilemma is I have a son and he competes for taekwondo meets so I need to be there for him sometimes it takes 3-4 days when there’s a competition out of town. Like, recently we spent 4 days in Cebu. So in this case what should be done? I just want to be sure before I apply so I know what to expect. Thanks for your reply in advance.

  6. I am trying to send an application thru their site, but every time I hit the submit button, it says ‘Duplicate Email”, and the application won’t proceed. Why is that so?

  7. I just submitted my application, but I did not get any sort of confirmation message that the application has been received and that I will receive an email in 2 weeks. It just loaded back to the site’s home page. I am not sure if my application really went through. Please help.

  8. Hello!

    Do they require an exclusive contract? or is it fine to be simultaneously working with a different ESL company (It’s for Japanese students and different working time though) ?

    I’m a k-drama fan so it would be awesome if I could converse with Koreans. 😊

    Please let me know.


  9. Hello!

    Do they require an exclusive contract? or is it fine to be simultaneously working with a different ESL company (It’s for Japanese students and different working time though) ?

    I’m a k-drama fan so it would be awesome if I could converse with Koreans. 😊

    Please let me know.

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