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Verbal Ink: Filipinos can Work For Translation Projects

Working as a freelance transcriptionist has lots of benefits, including flexible working hours, career growth potential, and competitive rates. If you’re an aspiring or a seasoned transcriber looking for more career opportunities, you shouldn’t miss boosting your online career portfolio together with Verbal Ink here in HOWPO – work from home guide.

Is Verbal Ink a Reliable Online Transcription Company?

Verbal Ink, formerly known as Escriptionist before changing its brand in 2008, is a popular transcription platform that connects certified transcriptionists who can perform high-quality transcription services to thousands of global clients. This offers you the perfect opportunity to make decent money by converting audio and video sources into written transcripts.

Verbal Ink has been offering professional transcription services to all forms of industry, including academic institutions, broadcast media, business, medical, legal, and finance, among others since 2003. Its comprehensive line of transcription services at affordable rates has made Verbal Ink one of the most trusted service providers in the world of digital communications.

Verbal Ink only deploys highly qualified and experienced transcriptionists to work on a diverse range of transcription projects, such as business meetings, raw footage, recorded interviews, video blogs, commercial videos, and lectures. The company assures that every transcriptionist working for Verbal Ink will undergo a rigorous screening process, ensuring that all projects are expertly handled by a certified transcriptionist.

Verbal Ink Application Process

Verbal Ink is constantly searching for new and seasoned transcribers to join the team. Interested applicants are required to send an application through [email protected] and indicate the specific job title you want to pursue. Available jobs often include:

  • English transcriptionist
  • Spanish transcriptionist
  • Copywriter
  • Transcript proofreader or editor
  • Language translator

Now, if you are interested to work as a foreign language transcriptionist, you may send an application through [email protected], but don’t forget to indicate the specific language you’re familiar with. For both applications, kindly attach your recent work resume in .doc or .pdf file formats. Applications with no cover letter will not be entertained.

Verbal Ink may not be able to respond immediately due to the high volume of applications, or the company may only consider candidates based on present work demands. If your application has been considered, you need to pass a proficiency test to become qualified, so be sure to check your email regularly for further test instructions.

Required qualifications of Verbal Ink:

  • Eagerness to learn new topics or explore different fields of industry
  • Great listening skills (ability to differentiate two different speakers)
  • Ability to understand different accents
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Excellent command of the English language (in terms of punctuations, grammar use, and spelling)
  • Excellent research and organizational skills
  • Ability to translate one or more languages (preferred but not required)
  • Typing speed not specified

Technical requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Crystal-clear stereo headphones
  • Basic computer troubleshooting and software installation
  • Foot pedal (if you intend to work longer as a transcriptionist)
  • Proficient in using QuickTime Player or Windows Media Player for better audio/video playback
  • High-speed internet connection, preferably wired
  • Working contact details (for communication purposes)

Work Process

With Verbal Ink, not only are all transcriptionists required to pass the transcription test, but they are also screened thoroughly based on work credentials, typing speed, and expertise to ensure that the person handling the transcription job matches the exact needs of the project. Once your application has been approved, you need to notify Verbal Ink how much work you can finish every week through submitting a weekly work schedule. If you wish to increase your chances of getting more projects, you need to complete as many projects as you can within the week or within the set deadline for each task.

Verbal Ink will offer you a list of available jobs you can work on. Once you have decided which project to carry out, you need to download the file, transcribe the entire audio, and upload the completed transcript back to the platform.

If the transcript is returned to you, you need to revise it according to corrections and comments and then upload it again. Transcribe the audio source as accurately as possible since returned transcripts and poor grading marks may significantly affect your overall performance score.

However, just like any other transcription companies out there, Verbal Ink may experience an inconsistent flow of projects throughout the year, meaning that you can’t just rely on Verbal Ink as your primary source of income. So it is always suggested to sign up with different transcription service providers or online job portals in order to fill up your vacant hours.

Salary Rates

When you check out the site of Verbal Ink, pay rates are not openly disclosed. But transcribers are typically paid via audio minute or audio hour. Some independent contractors have disclosed through various job forums that they were receiving an average of $10 per hour. Some former employees even mention that they were paid at around $0.85 per audio minute.

Project rates may differ from one task to another since transcription orders are often rated based on standard delivery, rush order, next day, and “same day” delivery, providing transcriptionists more opportunities to earn better. And you can even earn higher if you are able to handle complex projects, including foreign translation, multiple speakers, and focus group discussions.

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable pay scale
  • Diverse range of projects from general transcription to more specialized transcriptions like medical and legal
  • Flexible work schedule, but strict with project deadlines
  • Exceptional team work and project collaboration
  • Free career resources and working tips for both transcribers and editors

However, working for Verbal Ink may not provide everyone a total job satisfaction because of the following reasons:

  • No work benefits, leave credits, dental insurance, and social benefits since you are an independent contractor
  • Hiring process seems stringent and rigorous
  • Complex projects are only open for experienced transcribers.
  • Questionable grading system
  • Inconsistent workflow
  • Only hiring seasoned transcribers
  • Only open for US residents, but foreigners can be accepted for translation projects

As you see, Verbal Ink can be a great transcription job platform that offers a wide range of career opportunities for all not-so-experienced and seasoned transcriptionists. If you think you have sharp listening skills, then pursuing a career with Verbal Ink could be one of your smartest decisions to help yourself build an outstanding online career.

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