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Top 5 Noise-Canceling Headset Brands

Freelancing isn’t that easy as it seems. Before you can apply for a certain job, you need to invest with equipment first. The major things companies or clients require are a good working computer, a fast internet connection, a work-friendly environment, and of course, a good headset. But why should we invest in a headset when we have our mobile phone’s earphone? Hell, we can talk for hours on our phone while using them, right?

Several Reasons Why Noise-canceling Headsets are Needed when Working at Home

  1. Noise-canceling headsets will help you go through long hours of calls comfortably, and it also helps to understand the conversation from the other line better.
  2. Usual music earphones or headsets are often incompatible with laptops and desktops so it may impact your voice and make it inaudible to your students and/or clients.
  3. Investing in a noise-canceling headset is cost-saving as it can last for years.
  4. It greatly helps to modulate your voice and make it more audible to your colleagues, students, or clients.
  5. Wearing a proper headset for conferences and even during applications will make you look more professional. It will make an excellent impression on the clients as seeing you wear an excellent headset means that you invest in your work equipment.

Selecting a noise-canceling headset can be tricky but need not worry as this article will help you choose the right one. As there are a lot of models and brands, it’s essential to know the best among the rest. Good quality headsets can not only help you talk to clients- but it can also set a good impression that your equipment for freelancing is of a high standard and the chances of you getting hired to become higher.

5 Noise-Canceling Headset Brands

Jabra Noise-Canceling Headsets

Jabra noise cancelling headset

Jabra is a known brand not only to freelancers but to the corporate world as well. Originally from Sweden, Jabra is an audio company that produces the most durable, comfortable, and excellent audio products from speakers to a headset.  It’s Skype certified, and I have used it for two years (both the speaker and the headset) in my previous office job. Indeed, it’s kind of costly compared to other brands but worth it for its price! It ranges from PHP2000-PHP7000 so, it depends on your need, but you can never go wrong with Jabra.

Pros: Lightweight, high-quality, and durable. Won’t hurt your ears like other headphones.

Cons: It is expensive for some freelancers. Compatible to skype only.

Plantronics Noise-Canceling Headsets

Plantronics noise canceling headset

This brand is a favorite among ESL teachers across the country. Why? Because it is highly recommended by most ESL Companies! It’s more affordable compared to Jabra. It’s also a fact that it is so stylish, you look more professional when using it in meetings. The sleek design, dark yet perfectly matched colors of the Plantronics headsets are what makes it interesting to many freelancers especially ESL teachers. It provides clear audio performance and is comfortable to the ears. Some headsets are seemingly expensive but can be a pain in the ears. Plantronics headsets are made to help ease the pain that you can feel when having long meetings online. Prices start from 1600-2000 Php and can even be cheaper if you will buy it online.

Pros: More affordable compared to Jabra, useful in noise-canceling, durable, and lightweight.

Cons: It lasts at least a maximum of two years- depending on the usage. There are several instances that some of their stock lasted only a few months, but it’s just a small number compared to the majority of their units.

Logitech Noise-Canceling Headsets

Logitech noise canceling headset

Logitech is one of the brands that not only offer good quality but affordable prices as well. This is the headset I use, and since my ears are so small, it is highly sensitive with the material and grip of the headphones. Logitech was able to take care of my ears as Jabra used to when I was still working in an office. It has simple to sleek designs depending on your budget. You can even buy from 1500-2200 Php. It is originally designed for gaming and music purposes so you can rest assured that you can get the best sound quality. You can buy it online with reviews so you can be assured that this headset brand is a perfect match.

Pros: It’s more affordable than Jabra and Plantronics. It’s lightweight and the foam is securely built so you won’t need to worry about losing them.

Cons: It can filter noise but not at maximum performance, so it’s advised you pick a soundproofed or quiet workplace while using it.

Sony Noise-Canceling Headsets

Sony noise canceling headset

A brand that is known for its quality, Sony now also produces noise-canceling headsets that you can truly rely on. Though expensive, Sony has proven its consistency in making quality and durable products. Ranging from gaming consoles, speakers, television, cellphones, and noise-canceling headsets. If you are looking for a headset with superb quality, you can always opt for Sony. Though expensive, you can always find people who sell it online for a reasonable price- brand new or second hand. Freelancers are fond of changing and selling their old ones so others can experience it, and there’s no harm in exploring such products like a Sony Noise Cancelling Headset. It ranges from PHP7000- PHP9000. Hey, it’s Sony!

Pros: It’s as good as Jabra, of course since Sony has been in the sound industry for decades and quality and customer service are their main products so you can rely on it for headsets as such.

Cons: It’s expensive and hard to find online and in stores. You can buy second-hand from other freelancers but maintaining it will give you a headache!

A4Teach Noise-Canceling Headsets

A4 tech noise canceling headset

This brand is a cheap yet good quality for those who are just starting in the freelancing business. It’s affordable if you are not yet sure to transition fully in the freelancing world. You can easily buy it in stores or online. Just be careful as they sometimes have uncomfortable headsets (in the ears, I mean) so choose one that is not too big and difficult to wear on long calls. The price ranges from 400-3000 Php depending on your budget and requirement. So, if you are in a tight budget and is looking for an affordable brand, A4Tech is indeed your go-to. They also have reliable computer accessories such as keyboards, mouse, and many more.

Pros: A4Tech is highly affordable and is a right product especially if you are not yet a full-time freelancer. It’s easy to find their products online and in stores, too. Maintenance of the brand won’t be hard for you.

Cons: The quality of their headsets aren’t long-lasting compared to the above brands. Well, it’s cheap so you cannot expect excellent quality. But for its price of below 500 Php? It’s still a good find!

What ESL Teachers and Freelancers Have to Say

Choosing the right headset will always depend on your requirement. For ESL teachers, Plantronics has always been a favorite brand. They say it’s affordable and can significantly minimize background noise in their surroundings. Since ESL Teachers talk longer hours than other freelancers, they always opt for a lightweight headset. Logitech is also a reliable one for online teaching and can be your great companion in long calls. It’s as affordable as Plantronics, but the noise-canceling quality may be lesser.

For those who are looking for not only long-lasting but superb sound quality, you can never go wrong with Jabra and Sony as they have been in the sound industry for decades- continuously developing their products to suit the needs of the everchanging markets worldwide. If you are just in the test-phase of being a freelancer and doesn’t have the budget yet, you can always go for A4Tech in this case, but most freelancers will always advise you to “always invest on equipment.”

Still can’t decide?

In the end, the decision will always be within your hands but make sure to purchase a noise-canceling headset that will surely be beneficial for your freelancing career without compromising your bank account and comfort. Online shopping will always be your best friend for reliable reviews and seeking advice and opinions from other freelancers online is also a good way to search for the “one.”

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