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8 Tips Writing an SEO Optimized Article - HOWPO

8 Tips Writing an SEO Optimized Article


Writing a high-quality article is really not enough but it doesn’t mean it’s not important. You need to also know SEO optimized tips when writing as an additional factor for it to rank in Search engines.

Content writers encounter this problem usually why their post or article is not gaining any traffic. It doesn’t mean it’s the only cause but a lot of factors you need to consider as well. It’s important to have knowledge on this matters especially when you are freelancing or working at home.

So how do you write an article which is SEO optimized?


8 Tips for Articles to be SEO Optimized


1. Keyword/Keyword Density

You should write with a specific keyword in mind.

  • Title For example when you want to write about “delicious food” you need to put it on your title also and add power words like “Amazing“, “Best“, “Top” and others like “How to“,  “Secret“, “Great“, “Easy” and so on.
    Food NicheSo if you type like How to Cook Delicious food you will also see related topics or keywords that you can use like ‘recipes“, “meals“, and “dinner” on the body of your article when you write. You can add those words to your title also.
  • Body The keyword should be present in the first 100 words or in the first paragraph. This way your readers will know what you’re talking about e.g. in a music niche and the keyword is Spotify.“Spotify is one of the most used and popular music streaming sites to download and listen to your favorite music.”Create a header (H2) with the keyword but don’t put the keyword in every header, one or two should be fine. Make it look like natural.


TIP: LSI (Latent Semantic Analysis) Keyword should be around 0.6%-0.8%

You shouldn’t cram a lot of keywords when writing to prevent being penalized by Google.

2. Tone of Writing

  • When writing, make sure to use less passive words. A maximum of 10% will do but not over that.
  • Make sure that the starting word is not the same as the second sentence.
  • Ask questions to for your readers to know that you understand their concerns or you know what they are looking for.
  • If you’re promoting a product then put features and benefits for your readers.
  • Impart an attractive verdict on a product.

3. Readability

When writing a content, don’t go beyond more than 150 words in a paragraph. Try to break it, people like reading short content instead of a lengthy paragraph.


4. Inbound and Outbound Link

Add 2-3 inbound and outbound links to your content whether from a reliable source or an article you made previously. Don’t spam too many links, Google doesn’t like that.


5. Keyword present on meta description of the page, image “Alt text”, and description

Useful when the keyword is typed into a search engine and the images on your post will show up. According to Vladimir Covic from Vladimirwrites this is where people stuff a lot of keywords and worst, neglected. Be sure not to make it long and limit to 160 characters.


6. Check for grammar, spelling, and plagiarism.

This is common sense already especially plagiarism, you don’t want Google to penalize your post or website due to acts of copying contents from other sites.


7. Use Transitioning words

Examples are:

Conclusion– hence, as a result, therefore, and in conclusion.

Emphasis- most of all, most noteworthy, especially relevant.

Cause- so, due, because, since, and therefore.


8. Add Call to Action (CTA)

Examples are:

“Click here to get the discount price of [particular product name].”

“For more about [particular product name], check out customer reviews on Amazon”


These are most of the things you need to know.

If you do have something to add, let me know. Cheers!


Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

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