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Be a WEBLIO Tutor!


There are many sprouting ESL Companies nowadays. And I know that all aspiring ESL Teachers are looking for a company which offers a bigger starting rate. We all deserve a decent compensation, do we? So since we all do, time for you to brace yourselves. I’ll introduce to you, fellow teachers, an unfamiliar ESL Company which offers excellent perks. Ready? Let’s go!




How much does it offer?

What are the right perks you are talking about?

How can I apply?

Am I qualified?

What are the requirements?

I’ll answer these common questions one by one, step by step.

But before that, let me give you a little background about this company.

WEBLIO PHILIPPINES INC. is an online English tutorial for Japanese students. It was established in the year 2014. Yep! If you want to teach English to Japs, this is the perfect company for you. As we all know, the Japanese are one of the most polite and friendly people to work with.

Now about the rate, this company offers 50 pesos per class (25 minutes). So it’s 100 pesos per hour. Take note: it’s the starting rate. There are six (6) categories for the price:

Rate per hour

Your rank will incline or decline depending on your performance. The formula? Many open slots + many booked slots + few canceled classes = RATE INCREASE.

Let us move forward to the perks I was talking about earlier. Like other companies, WEBLIO PHILIPPINES INC. also offers fantastic opportunities to their dedicated teachers. These are some:

Apply now

See? I told you. These are excellent perks especially for those who want to earn extra by doing part-time jobs. Who wouldn’t like the offer?

How can I apply?

Well about this, let us see. Hmm. Please check this page and start from there.


If you have already opened the page, fill up the online application form.

Application Form

Fill up the form with the right information especially the Mobile phone*, Skype ID*, Primary Email Address* and Secondary Email Address* for they will contact you about your application through these channels.

You will know you have passed the first stage of application if you receive an email like this:

First stage of Application

You have to get at least 34 out of 40 items to proceed to the next step.

Tip: The questions are quite confusing so read very carefully! You can Google some questions.

As the closing statements say, “DO YOUR BEST!”


Am I Qualified?


About this question, here are some checklists for you. If you think you are/have these, then you are qualified.

√ At least 18 years old

√ College level

√ Have a natural English accent

√ Good in written and verbal communication

√ Passionate, Punctual, Dedicated

√ Experience in ESL Teaching (not required but are plus factors)

√ TESOL/IELTS/TOEIC Certificates (not required but are plus factors)


What are the Requirements?


Now, these are the physical requirements:

√ PC/Laptop (at least Windows 7, 8 and 10, 4 GB RAM)

√ Webcam (at least 1 Mp)

√ Headset (with a microphone, a noise-cancellation feature is not a must but preferred)

√ Good working place (should be well-lit)

√ Stable Internet Connection (at least 3 Mbps)


If you have all of these, then you’re ready to go!

And lastly, always remember to:

Give your best answers during the interview.

Ace the demo lesson.

Become the best teacher you can be!


Apply and become a Home Based WEBLIO Tutor!


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