Yllix: How you can Earn from your Website / Blog Traffic

Earn from your Website/Blog Traffic with Yllix

Yllix is one of the best advertising networks if you’re looking for ways to monetize your website or blog’s traffic. It’s one of the struggles for new site owners or bloggers who want to earn and find an advertising network which accepts minimal traffic and really pays.

So let’s go ahead step by step how to start.

How to Join at Yllix?

  1. Sign up on their site Yllix and sign up asPublisher

    Yllix sign up
  2. Go to your email to click the activation link with your password.
  3. Log in to Yllix as publisher
    On the menu tab click “Ad Tags
    Yllix ad tags

    How to Choose The Right Tags

    There is a lot to choose from but mostly site or blog owners use banner ad tag since it’s not intrusive compared with the other tags. On the website type box there are two options, just choose Non-Adult (SFW) if your site or blog is non-Adult content. On format, you can choose 300×250, 728×90. 468×60, 160×600, and 120×600.

    Placement location of banner tags:
    >300×250 it’s mostly placed on the content or body
    >728×90 mostly located on the header or on top of the content
    > 468×60 you can see it more on content or at the footer
    >160×600 and 120×600 are usually seen on the right side or on the left.

    Or you can choose whichever you want to place it. Try to explore more to get the best placement location on your site or blog.

  4. On the “Display layer Ad tags” just choose no.
  5. choose “YES” to block unsafe ads to prevent any malware from destroying your site or viewers computers.
  6. Click “Get Ad tag” it will look like this
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//ylx-1.com/bnr.php?section=General&pub=185512&format=728×90&ga=g”>

    I changed my own affiliate id to “YOURAFFILATEID” which is shown above.

  7. If you’re using WordPress you can place it in “Appearance” —–> “Editor” and click “Theme Header” or header.php then place it after the <head> or at the <body> depending on the location you want to place it and which banner tag is the most appropriate. You can place it also on your page or post by clicking “text” besides visual on the right side then paste your tags.
    Yllix page or post

That’s the steps shown for WordPress powered sites but for Blogspot, you can add it on edit html. If your posting articles on WordPress site itself then you aren’t allowed to post ads in your free account.

About Payment on Yllix

You can withdraw a minimum amount of $1 and be paid either daily, weekly or monthly. You just need to set up the settings on “Account” menu. Payment method can be through PayPal, Payza, Bankwire, and Skrill.

How Much can you Earn?

It really depends on how much traffic you get from your site, quality of traffic, and the location of your viewers which they pay more for tier 1 locations.

How to Send or Get More Traffic?

Just have a good quality content which readers will go back and read from your site. Share your content on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google +, Email and more. Never try to post your content on traffic exchanges to get more traffic, reasons are:

  • Poor or low quality of traffic.
  • Affects the bounce rate on your site.
  • Prone to get malware on your site if you have low security
  • Get a lot of spam comments
  • Banned from Yllix

Try Yllix now to start monetizing your blog or website.

Dale Basilla

Owner at Be Visible Media
Dale Basilla is a content writer for various niches, SEO (Off-page & On-Page), and lives in a location where there are lots of beaches in the Philippines. He loves to watch anime, TV series (mystery and solving crimes), and movies. In his spare time, he plays chess, plays the guitar, and spend time with his ever busy girlfriend.

2 thoughts on “Yllix: How you can Earn from your Website / Blog Traffic”

    1. Hi Marisa,

      There are two ways to earn for yllix.


      Using your website by promoting content showing the banners of yllix. This is hard if you don’t know how to promote your website that can get a lot of traffic. You need to have quality content and knowledge of SEO to do this.


      Half of your traffic comes from Paidverts. It’s free if you want to promote your traffic. it’s faster to get traffic this way but hurts your website since the traffic is not that high-quality. Use this on a website that’s not your main site and just post any content.

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