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I’m sure most of you now heard of Bitcoin and was wondering how to earn money with it. We Filipinos would love to try investing in BTC but were afraid since most of us don’t know where to invest, what site to invest, and when to invest.


What is BTC Bees?

BTC Bees was created to help people get the chance to earn through Bitcoin. It is an investment site where the minimum investment is $10. It’s not new but just recently known online and with continuous success, the team slowly gained popularity. 


Why I invested in BTC Bees?

I invested in BTC Bees because I want my money to grow bigger and not lesser. I noticed that my expenditure is catching up to my money saved, that’s why I made necessary actions to fix this.

Before deciding to invest in BTC, I already thought of putting my money in the bank but it would only increase 2% per year when you opt for time deposit. I also thought of investing in insurance plus investment but as I met with the respected agents of insurance companies, I can profit less and will get the money like after how many years if I want to see a huge increase of what I put in.

Unlike in BTC Bees, I can get my money anytime I want in a short amount of time in cases of emergency.

I will still get an insurance though for other purposes.


So how can you earn BTC at BTC Bees?

It’s simple really, the minimum investment is $10 or 500 php more or less. You can invest bigger than that if you have the extra cash.

To start investing, you need to visit their website and register. Also, join the FB page BTC Bees.

BTC Bees

The investment plans are simple and can be easily understood.

If you invest money (depending on the investment plan you chose, you will earn daily a fixed rate of 0.1% when you invest $10-$200, 0.12% or 3.6% monthly when you invest $201-$500, and 0.15% or 4.5% when you invest $501-$1000. Not only that, you will earn 5% of every deposit from your referrals. Other stuff like events such as earning an extra money or BTC is available example giveaways and more.

Once you decide to invest and have invested, you will be then be invited to the secret group where investors hang out. You can send messages there, ask someone who has invested or post some questions.


Choose an Investment Plan

Assuming that you have already deposited money either using EON digital me or

Log in to your BTC Bees account and select the investment plan you have chosen on your dashboard.

Investment plan


Click “Invest now.”

You will be provided with a code which you will include to the message when depositing money.

Reference code

Then press “Confirm now.”


How to Invest using

Using is convenient for us Filipinos as we can just add money to any 7-eleven outlets. Go to your Coins wallet and click “BTC” and then click “Send.”

Send BTC BTC Bees

Type in the amount you want to invest and don’t forget to include the reference code.

You can also send the money using Peso (PHP) as the site has the option to accept payments in PHP or BTC, so it’s up to you.


How Does the Investment Plan Work?

Actually, it’s simple.

When you chose the investment plan which is the “Drone Bee”, you will earn hourly interests for 24 hours.

So what will happen after 24 hours?

Your invested money plus interests will show up on Account balance/Earning balance.

You have then to visit fund transfer page to transfer your Account balance/Earning balance to Deposit balance to invest again.

Unlike the 2nd and 3rd investment plan, you will need to reinvest on a monthly basis and not daily.


What are the Payment Gateways?

The site accepts BTC (from any BTC wallet), Peso (PHP) from or EON digital me, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and PayPal.


When to Invest in BTC Bees?

Actually anytime since you don’t have to worry if you will have losses. You are guaranteed to have the rate of the said investment plan you choose.

If you’re the one buying and selling your BTC you need to consider a lot of things before you will invest.


Is the site paying?

Of course, you can check my proof below to see that I got my money back. I tried investing $200 first then withdrawn my money at the end of the month to get the proof and check if it’s legit.

BTC bees payment



I reinvested my money again depending on the invested plan i chose. I like reinvesting and think of it as it wasn’t there and after a few months, I would see my money grow. You can also choose to get your money through since you have a BTC wallet address there.

If you need any help, just comment. You can mention me when you join and if not, its fine with me as well. Anyway, let’s save more money this year.


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