How to Create your Own Ecommerce Website: EasyStore


As you can see on Facebook nowadays to buy and sell groups, people tend to sell or resell products for them to earn extra money.

I mean who doesn’t right?

Although the group is about Buy and sell you can see people post unrelated stuff to promote networking links like we commonly see. However, we are not going to tackle on those networking links like tables and exit

I will teach you about how you are going to create your very own e-commerce website.

What is an eCommerce website?

It is selling products through online with your own website.

So why create a website where you can sell your products on Facebook and other social media sites?

Why make an effort and spend money to create an eCommerce website?

You may not understand now but by starting this kind of business you need to know first these concerns:

For Sellers

  • Your number one concern is how to avoid scammers.
  • Customers will order but not be going to purchase (called “Joy Reserver“)
  • Buyer backs out at the last minute (called “Bogus Buyer“)
  • Make an extra effort to meet up buyers at specific dates and time.
  • Shelf out money to pay for fare or gas for your vehicle
  • Worst for re-sellers is when they use their own money to pay for the product from another seller and resell it to their customers

All concerns mentioned above are the most common reasons why you need to create an e-commerce website.


To totally prevent those concerns, if not prevent it to a minimum.

So how can I prevent those concerns by creating an e-commerce website?

  • You will lower the probability of scammers and only have customers that are interested in your products.
  • You can have the option for customers to pay up right away but most people like we Filipinos opt for COD (Cash On Delivery). A higher percentage of customers are sure buyers.
  • You can make your own TOS if they cancel for bogus buyers.
  • Need only to go to the nearest delivery services like LBC, JRS, and Fed Ex to send it to your customers. If you have your own delivery service then good.
  • If you’re a reseller, you can have the terms for customers to pay right away before delivery

So, by now you understand.

Next step is how to create.

I know few website builders where you can make for free like Wix and Weebly.

The reason why I’m not going to use them is the cost to upgrade a package (domain, hosting and SSL). It’s expensive if you’re a seller that’s just started with the business. So what i can recommend that is cheaper, drag and drop website builder like Wix and Weebly, and best for making an Ecommerce website is EasyStore.

What is EasyStore?

It’s an ecommerce marketing site where sellers can create their own online store with their easy to use tools, and sell your products online.

So how to get started?

First: Visit their site here EasyStore

Second: Sign up and register

Third: Click the verify link on your email

Fourth: Login and edit the “Settings” first before posting your products.

EasyStore settings

General is where you add your store name, description store status, email, and timezone. Once done just click save.

Domains are where you add your website name like “” and add SSL.

Currency is where you add a currency like PHP, USD and etc.. Make sure to know the conversion rate every day so you can make changes if you’re adding another currency.

Payments are where you add a payment method like COD, Bank, and PayPal.

Checkouts are where you customize the setting if a customer needs to create an account or not to checkout.

Shipping is where you can add delivery services like LBC, JRS, Fed Ex and more. You can calculate here how much is the delivery charge whether per weight, order, item quantity, and item

Taxes you can opt to add depending on the province or location

Locations are where your store is located

Templates are where you can edit your automated messages to send to your customer’s email.

Users are where you can add people to manage the site.

Account is where you choose your subscription. If you’re new you have a 14 day trial period.

How to Add Products on Your Ecommerce Store?

  1. Just click on “Products” and Click “Add Product“.
  2. Add the name to the product and image below it.
  3. Add a description of your product. If you want it to be divided on a table per description just highlight it and click “paragraph format” and click H2 (Heading 2) or H3 (Heading 3).
  4. Collections are where you can add a category to your product or be featured on the homepage.
  5. Tick “Track Inventory” so you can track how many of your product is left.
  6. Check “Enable variants” if you want to add for customers to choose like Size, Color, and etc.
  7.  Edit SEO to edit the metadata and add a description to your product when searched by google or other search engines.

How to Add more Menu at the Main Menu Bar?

Go to “Content” just click “add link” or “add page” on “Main Menu”.

On “Quick links” is where you can add a page for About us, Contact Us, and more.

Third is “Terms and Policy” where you can “add page” for TOS, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy. 

Last is “Top Bar” where you can add page Create an Account, Wishlist and Log out.

How to Add More Features?

Click “Apps” and then browse all apps that can help add more features to your site like, chat support, social media icons for sharing, and help page for your customers.

EasyStore is very easy to handle and manage. You can offer promotions for your customers, change themes which fit best and also can edit it manually by clickingEdit CSS

Since you’re set you need to choose a plan for your subscription after your 14 days free trial ends. There are three plans to choose from which can be shown below.

Price Plans

That’s it, you’re good to go. Feel free to explore and happy selling.

Dale Basilla

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