Guide to PLDT’s MVP Rewards Card: Earn Rebates Every Time you Pay your Bill

PLDT Fibr in the Philippines has paved more opportunities for Filipinos to earn at home. Unlike other ISP, PLDT Fibr offers unlimited internet access.


Although in some locations, it has some negative feedback due to no internet connection and for other reasons. Still, in where I’m located at, my internet speed is very fast and have been reliable so far for the past 10 or 11 months.


The reason why I write about this as for other people to be aware of what you need to know about this rewards card which is powered by Paymaya and how it helps to lower your bill.


This way, it will save you time from asking the staff of PLDT whether their agents over the phone or the staff in their business office as each of them will tell you differently.

Trust me, I have wasted a lot of time and almost on the verge of getting pissed. This is my experience from PLDT’s Business office (Mactan branch) and agents over the phone.


When you talk to them, you can clearly see in their faces that they don’t have a clue or they know something but was not sure of it.


As to some may not need this, not necessary for them, just don’t care but to those who want to decrease their bill more, then continue to read this post.


So enough of that and let’s go talk about MVP Rewards Card.


What is MVP Rewards Card?

It’s the new rewards program of PLDT Home, Smart, TNT, and Sun. You earn cash rebates for continued loyalty for paying your bill on time.


Yes, and if you have received your paper bill at home you will clearly see that on the right side, see reference below.

MVP Rewards Card


As you can see on the image of the card, it shows there that your name will show but actually it’s not.


How to Get the Rewards Card?

If you signed up on March 15, 2018-April 30, 2018, you would get the card free. Claiming period is up to May 15, 2018. If you were able to sign up after the said date, then probably there will be a price for it which I will get back to you once I know.

To sign up, visit the site here

After registration, be sure to add your account to the first menu tab “My Account.”

Adding of PLDT account

Click “Enroll an Account” and fill up the necessary details.

You will receive a two text message with the code for you to show at PLDT Business Office.

Text Message from MVP

I just did this in one day after April 30, 2018. Lucky me that I get the card for free or it’s because few people know about it. I was the 18th person to claim it when I went to PLDT’s business office.


If you have already a Paymaya account then great as what you need to do is just add your card or link it to your Paymaya account.


Don’t have a Paymaya account?

Register and be sure that the number you used for signing up on MVP website is the same as the number you used on your Paymaya account.

If it asks you to upgrade your Paymaya account, prepare a valid Government ID and add it to your account. You will be calling one of their agent for verification process that takes less than 10 minutes.

Once done, visit the PLDT business office to get your card right away. 

What you need to present are one valid ID and the code from the text message that you receive from MVP.

They will ask you to fill up the paper that you have claimed it then you will get your card.

MVP Rewards card in envelope

MVP Rewards card Debit Card

At this point, you want to learn more and probably have some questions.


How to Use the MVP Card and Earn Rebates?

To earn cash rebates, be sure to pay your bill on time (This is important). If you pay the next day, then obviously you won’t earn a rebate.

Look here:

  • You can add money to your Paymaya account and use your card to pay your bill at the PLDT business office.
  • Every 250 PHP is equivalent to 1 point and every 1 point is equivalent to 1 PHP
  • You can’t use your MVP Rewards Card for auto debit on your PLDT bill. I made this bold as either agents or staff from business office will inform you that you can do this which is not possible.
  • When you pay your bill at 7-eleven you don’t need to bring your MVP Rewards Card. I highlighted this again as some agents or staff will inform you that you will bring your card for staff at 7-eleven will swipe your card when you pay in cash to get the rebates. I confirmed this with their supervisor.
  • You don’t have to bring your card everytime you pay your bill. This remains to be seen or proved as I have asked the supervisor, even the staff at PLDT business office.
  • You will earn rebates or you will get your cash rebates on your Paymaya account on the next billing month. (What a bummer, I don’t know why it takes too long to reflect it on your account.)
  • You don’t need to transfer money from your Paymaya balance to your MVP Card


Note: In case you lost your card or got damaged, then just call Paymaya to inform them about it. The price for the cards replacement is 300 PHP. You can use your virtual card but in case you need a physical card to keep your primary card’s info safe then go ahead and get another one.


So Why go All this Trouble for Just a Rebate?

Although some people won’t appreciate it, some people including me will be happy no matter how small it is as long it can lower my bill.

The other reason why I get this as for me to get a specific discount (10-15%) to a specific store. David’s Salon is one of them and at least I can get discounts if I treat my GF to a hair spa or whatever girl thing she does.

Also, I can use this card as a dummy to protect my actual cards from the bank. For me, this can help lessen the chance of my card’s info being hacked.

Other purposes including paying someone or getting paid by your employer can be one of those reasons.

The biggest reason why I went all the trouble to avail this card is due to their “Deals and Privileges.”


MVP Deals and Privileges

As you can see the image above, rebates can be up to 1,000 PHP to 1,500 PHP. I’m not an avid fan of hoping that I can win one of those deals but who knows right?

To know all the details of each deal, just visit the site.

Being an MVP member already entitles you to join automatically those deals

See below:

Raffle entry of MVP




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